Part 2 - The Hitman and Carla - Kitty Problems and Love Advice 9-15-17

Monday, September 18th

Your calls continued....Rebecca called The Hitman and Carla for love advice about her 4 cats and a love interest, but of course they don't agree. 

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How's that hit man. And Carla. I am a little surprised. Life. How would love my partner this morning. Good position. On the conversation that hand is shocking quite frankly. Well. Hit man's being dramatic. Rebecca call on I was. Yeah don't let I think they should be Carla is advised segment because hit man is just so dramatic in heat leads with his emotions. I believe what emotions if you're just too early to Federer back gush she's been talking to this dude I met him online in Colorado she's flown off the Colorado and hung with him he's never been withdrawn and with her the last time she was scared she was wearing a jacket that was full of cat dander. Homeboy started sneezing like crazy she liked him and told him all I've got left listen my grandparents' house. Now he's coming to spend the weekend with her here in with two dorm has no idea that she has not one not two but four cats in our house and she takes in strays and she knows the actually allergic to cats and hasn't told them that she has cancer and as a cat lover. He hit truck I had an idea yes she could slip an allergy pill and whose orange juice every morning I'll match you gonna drugged then got game going and okay 86910. Married three she hasn't been promised the middle which car are fired off this morning Goya didn't hear men. Conan Bob Bradley yeah well. Diluted net keeps you in the former duke player was when all of have grown a little box yeah she's got issues that big big prediction. Unfortunately I'm the guy who wants a street and these kids. I know fired. Cat lover as solid as someone else most cats. She knew it upon. Impact well. Yeah do. You call it the crazy catlett these schools whose single kids on the money. Think about the Internet a lot us of. I haven't found I don't know I can't hardly you're gonna go yeah yeah no I'm not. But I would have been different you don't like the fox. Had a conference and his good for you don't. Yeah they don't know I don't float up Morgan has got into the club you'd have a good night yeah. I did. Thank people who are you an item argued at the Obama arts. Details about this created you know was creative peak thank you for calling an eyebrow and no analyst on the line and that's well let me. No matter hey no matter you wanna desert code there's no lies no back guy outlook and mad because he already club as. She didn't specifically say she didn't have cats she just ignorant village she loves him. Put a liar and I started in relation between Iraq. You don't have to go and I think that's what I want and I feel like there's certain levels of lies in this this is a white lie. Hard. Nobody ever does not like I actually laughed. We'll keep seeing keel. Seriously Carla what they're certain levels whining I'm I'm trying to do this color right there are certain levels of why definitely. Are there are some lines that are okay and completely acceptable. Pressure sometimes you have to live on many good guys this morning have been relentless. Not only 86910.