Part 2 The Hitman and Carla - Opposite Sex Talk 9-22-17

Friday, September 22nd

The conversation continues as The Hitman and Carla take your calls and ask: what can the opposite sex do that you wish you could do or get away with? 

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We got to go on the phone he's got a he's got an issue what you Carlin and how are you a story are we going to find guys yes go ahead should you know what is taught. Hello are you though. What happens and that's always a sterile and sorry dude glad I. Derek harper Carla fell home women may be a player deals he did I think man. Then today at Winnipeg woman on the day dialogue with the latter they got to pay for everything. Fan favorite dinner got a beautiful flower yes treated like rice my little thought they got their wish a lot of thought it would go back home record out of another day for the next. Through much Donald go in there every bit that. Aren't you can't tell you know there are guys that don't know how to do it properly. And buying you know damn flowers and me we don't know it's. Yeah the new England and don't buy southern Australia. I. Think you're right yeah. My energy somewhere would go and a movie or something damn girl. Well first I thought we got all of the I you know more over here I gotta work like. Abram and and we need tossup beer man I need to give you some day we want a one educational. Yeah Brad earlier this fifth of hatred or a little bit and to have when you cowards and I had done. We point out opposite sex do that you wish you could do. I knew that. It as a fact is that all the time as usual I. Yeah I was actually go out and fellow fast that the Bartlett. I noticed it's so annoying doesn't it. I don't expect it just got. And it's not you let you look back. We'll be mindful we are on the air but if you could please give us some. Examples as to how men may try to get your attention because clearly each. You are blasting winds and incredible assets that temple and the natural beauty of our country. Or even. That I'm okay I'm that guy and does and I know yeah I'd like him but. Thank. You pat Mac app can happen at. Yeah it did so in doing you don't woman ever to me she likes my but touch yelling quicker head out the window that's a self conscious and I'd like now. I am I out and went out last night that's been silent. I try and accomplish something now they tell us. Candidates attempted not a great way to do it that's what you're trying to do. Colin okay. And it's okay if I say on this phone call that your blood is not use. The so start your day with the noise of the us. Kids out of the.