Part 2 - Jasmine's Best Friend Pregnant - The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, November 29th

The convo continues about Jasmine who called in this morning UPSET over her best friend announcing she's pregnant. Listen to why, and listen to your phone calls! 


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Anything. 86910983. Moms of what you taught her blown out the power lines go ahead mama. I love your show when did you ever morning good morning your caller. Fury mean let's male drama with our. Right she's crazy include shallow and she saw a selfish. Absolutely I mean obviously you need to get Tony Wragge of course you know last week for your brain has grown up and she didn't dawn it's. A mother and yes the female. I wouldn't trade any name right. My life it's no hurry you know why got me into Robin alone Carol great to be a model and you don't get Tony Wragge. True snaps now. I can't help but notice your action and I love that word you brought America southeast of our home Brad. From tip (%expletive) around them marks from. Yeah everybody I know Fannie and now I love it it's not funny it's not as awesome I could also moms this morning. Eric trump people hate non moms because moms wore Carter meant to do stuff all the time bush has just do you tell your mom 'til the month yeah welcome thank you for coal and mom today. Oregon a peace and love a nice lady hope. A dream can't drive. To do is just too much. Still have my husband and I read my little mile in my friends you know what I. It Ellis and and they don't know. She all the good clean clothes she said they may have packed in high school about being like waste each other don't wanna eat. Please she's in love with your best friend or something digital agenda for both you guys is just something that ladies do on a regular basis that mails like a blood pact are something's like OK you know pinky swear and you know my son promises but it's high school you're not even fully develop getting things changed dramatically and then you become an adult you find that it's OK to break promises perhaps. I am I'm a little very little Manhattan I want telling the joke I'm guessing I'm never going to be a lesbian. Sure she's. Yeah. Thanks for calling. Yeah. Thank you don't just making things a little mental barrier give apply only eight cents none did not integrated. Susan go undoubtedly point five more calls coming up. Throngs has breakfast.