Part 2 - Joint Facebook Account - The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, February 13th

Your calls joint Facebook accounts say that you don't trust your mate, or is it really saying how much you love them? Listen to everyone's opinions from this morning!


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I am calling for a ban on all just joined FaceBook accounts man and the statistic and a bin. Gordon. Yeah. Calling for a ban on him for the un American and and I'm gonna go first if you have friends who had joined FaceBook accounts I'm friend a big. Wow they are ridiculous. Ridiculous study that says social media houses divorce is. Why. And Hussein H. Kind of Santa has little or. Before you got cleared to land phone calls from all your careers it's like OK I need everyone then. 86 I do love U three lets go of the brow was what do you. And thought why not even got a great you know what that's why our caller yeah we know you have never filmed. Am essentially a matter translational my passwords to augment or outdoors well edging out X plus army times. And tell literally no I'm sorry I'm not really need that yeah. Well we can have separate accounts but no each other's password no matter how joint account is yes no that's what green and. Google I want to I don't know I don't care I'm. You know we should just sort of an Ollie say in the business my pain and then people who want to smear our third thanks. Thank you sir I know what the guy go and no no George no ought to. Manolo was password your FaceBook hello how are ready 3.5 including a dream can't I mean her. Now when read my head back. But he did you don't want to have Mike you had an average you know under patting him because I can't even get my fun and I look at it. I don't care and your ballot get a lot of messages the magnitude. Siena they had married and married. Oh I don't care mad jealous of like you are going out last night. Get it together because I think there's boot glimmers of man and we played them even talk about. Is trying to have people that I can't say I wouldn't and would continue to come at the company no I don't morning. Married who's do okay thirsty right this oh now there's now listen I'm I'm back. Thank you at all can be dangerous Thelma could you see here is really pulling for herself home.