Part 2 - Keep the Ring? The Hitman and Carla

Thursday, August 16th

If a guy and girl call off a wedding, who's the rightful owner of an engagement ring after a breakup? Listen to one woman's dilemma, plus everyone's phone calls from this morning!

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She's she wants to celery and choosing the Bahamas and their friend she's probably sad to press wonder break up he's like. And that makes it even worse quite frankly know what to do. We've awards because she has no sentimental connection does ring whatsoever nation yes no she doesn't want to sell pot shot. You can go to the Bahamas and this guy goes down years into the students' families. Each team decent person and he's hitting the greenback it should trying to marry three for team get the ring back hello sir what do you think John is on the line go ahead dirt. Gabe first the rock can senate seat being an out the window because that's why you go by like. A nice blue engagement ring and I used the Stanley inner. Home so who's out thank you. But this double fact is it spread to the rare yeah she's she's been I'd get a bag yeah out but technically did Paris get. That's all I want it isn't my king and some intelligence I. Learning now are you sir for looking behind Hulu isn't good then home right now and being logical about this and not bring your feelings can. K. Barack. Think you June. I don't think we music anymore phone calls we can just now and I want I don't realize. I just got. And now no I don't know math and not done with this Power One point five what do you think. What do our thing here at math ot think like this man I believe that. Does he gave it has been called off. That he should give that ring back. OK because loop of the fact you know they're not going to be to get. So why did try to you know watching you try to keep the grandmother jury especially. If it have a lot of little value. And he was looking edit at this point what if I'm gonna he would start. And I love her like I love my grandmother free and the rain was my grandmother didn't let. Let her half of the US harper I have. All right thank you sir see you saw rational about that why should you be reasonable Carlyle why can't you be reasonable Carla this is real. Jealous you need to get. How you're feeling I am saying always your brain now now all of my feelings because she wants to steal the dues grandmothers ranch and nobody gonna fight for him you know by the NASA and I ran Max I'm gonna be gone. Are you Diane. I think. The.