Part 2 - Loyal Sis-N-Law or Na? The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, April 3rd

A stressed out sister e-mailed for advice about ratting out her cheating brother. Listen to the dilemma and the phone calls from this morning! 

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Well let's not looking so perfect tonight or one marriage that is for sure there's more empowered every 3.5 billion man and Karl I dilemma of the day one of our list who's had a very harsh word Easter Sunday dinner. Her brother's name to some chick and that's thirsty rather. His sister has developed a great relationship with his new wife would disgrace to your best friends I don't know how mean she is the demo this. She dropped out of Brothers on one of those like tender add some meat and so whatever that is hooked up out yet. He didn't and knows her brother is I'm. Bush is say either. Hunting. So what. Carla thinks that the system needs to go tell the system now what's up Johnson head. All. He may I add an email she said this is eating her up. This is her best friend it's her sister in law there's certain people that you shouldn't reveal the true it's still not you keep your mouth shut what did. Girl I. You can't it's easy I bet you probably know about things that you should not be prompted them Auburn at all you know. Yeah even eighties and even if it's about you your parent speak up and you're back seat that's right. Yeah she. Then this city thank you ma'am thank you so much I appreciate your welcome and I appreciate where you're there. Well agility and now this letter so he goes about these people talk and good common sense here. Hello power management went by what do you think. Morial Bernard rare did you call sorry wolf. Look well for a no bigger water there's water right here. Yeah see even and even if they're married and it's just it's insistent on now still no honor just burger mall thank you all that's right thing they're good guys and I'm gonna. They see loads. It's I want for the greater good repair all the like they're really my dear born. What are the tables are turned or what if the tables were turned and you're quite how or when somebody is she nineteen was chi Minh was on a tender raping me. And your brother lying about a meeting tell her beauty and enjoy your life. Yeah and also sort of all the hospital worker. How would you argue in the new America Meyer mountainous buffer rap video of this. Thank you thank you sir thank you know. Thank you can appreciate your bra aren't there are real hard for your prayer recruiter there's going to be a culprit privilege yet thank you thank you mom and I appreciate it. Listen to yeah. You're not doing more subdued feel jumped over him and hello Colin nearly three players are what do you think children who can't man. And man you guys need a letter you need to let her go and learn how here. You go where no. There's truth so saying he's free exactly and there's nothing better than have a burger Jerry Springer or server your low amateur there now who did she. To do. Did you. Looks. She knew she found out my answers being North America then hero Carter barely almost there so you gotta say I appreciate you dream. I don't care who's an I don't think that's very I don't mix and as you've got a problem to my arm around usually from the and we don't walk outside and American. Yeah yeah. Yeah you got nobody virtually nobody drew I would call okay 869 Tim RD three.