Part 2 - My "Old Lady" - The Hitman and Carla

Thursday, November 30th

The conversation continues about nicknames your signifcant other has for you- that you may or may not like. Listen to your calls now! 


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Remember them beyond to other tracks cojuangco wanna be album revival were still waiting for the release date of that out of December 15 that's what we said yesterday on the show we did CNN didn't wait. Thank you see my old ways Camilo. It's. Humans. Referred me. I was playing live not go out of business gonna happen totally totally totally told he's got that covered. Follow all she lives straight road armies you hang out. We learn from them. The mirror and this morning explaining why recalled the women in our lives are ladies went. It's not only why they call you old lady but do you like that we haven't heard from the Levys yet we've got a couple ladies on the phone waiting to weigh the weigh in on the conversation. But we also wanted to know. What's the nickname that to happen your significant other. You know my wife calls me the old man he did fit its not my old man as the old man. This is for guys and she does accustomed to news older than two years there's a video and it's like come on up slowly. 86910983. Does your guy column you'll his old lady. Yes because. Just as annoying so annoying yeah I did it out but. What about X doesn't help match I just have a nickname more and I'm on the radio he's got an hour back. Are all companies. Ease the final good. I didn't ease the cookies. Don't know how does. Wow leg is done Demorrio. It's Sally. Yeah and how. No Palestinian you didn't know what it cookie look is okay you're cooking school and looking dude who didn't know could you do. After I don't. How could people I screwed it up your. And I and. All right pixel color and that's the best part your name I've heard so far this morning Vincent yeah people. Doing it played solid who's Smart. Girl. I don't know why I call birds wetlands. All ladies and I hit it absolutely. We. I despise it's to get some minor my last year's Reverend Wright Ayers or whatever from the spectacular Barnes. And you know have a call her parents girlfriend at flags all yes she's O. Your legs stopped and just stop what you're not so let me and our keepers and not ordinarily that's fun nickname every day have supported her therapist. I talked parents and bosh are Bernanke. Also. Not only. His own he called me average. Dashed. I think using enough fast but now. See you back. Obviously you're his fly east only my. The soul that is cued up so you mart banner has it is T stand it yeah. About special fast than slow him. Yankee I. I haven't I got a lot of old lady Jane did. You go there goes great amount got a new stopwatch and Sons of Anarchy I. It's probably best they. And for all of a good thinking on my. And inferred from the man and waiver from the guys ladies like to be called old lady but what's really awesome here is the names that we do have for the significant others are plunged 869 Jim not a three. Cookie dough cookie all okay sorry ass I heard it up.