Part 2 - New Relationship, New Tree? The HItman and Carla

Thursday, December 14th

Part 2 of the Christmas tree dilemma. A listener messaged us asking if she's crazy for not wanting to use the same Christmas tree that her boyfriend and his ex have used for years. Listen to everyone's calls!


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However added three point try to Kabul to play house just hit man and Carla disagree in again which is not a dream I'm sure the you surprised by it again I'm right which again is not something that you're surprised. I have an idea oh. With this tree situation. Do you want to let everyone know we're talking about or should I just tell my idea. Well. Yep you just children and we have a list for her name is unnamed she's in a new relationship with the new boyfriend they just got a new place together should the excited until I missed holidays is their first Christmas together. But it doesn't Christmas tree that he has had. What's his last relationship to. She's made good mix think about the tree because it was with his ex girlfriend thinks they should get a new tree new home new relationship with new tree. He's like knock you are limited no trade. So she's got the stinky pants about the XM. The candidate is is that he does also used along the ornaments don't use them the last relationship and and my pick them up. This anger wrote don't you have tomorrow let's them know your Christmas is fast. So she totally should go to these wonderful dear old ornaments are met. And so she's. Acting in us asking us forever if we're overreacting Carla. The morning you should not overreacting and he just called Aramis crazy cancer something and I did not creek. Yeah at some insensitive. Instances of ice I think things carry memories and and energy in weird vines and if she's filling a type away. They can do this idea. Sell all of the old street use that money towards another tree. Bill solves no arguing you know he zip may you gonna do some lanes Christmas trees yeah plus yeah yeah yeah. I did and what at a garage sale can't read any of the term pick your own battles he needs to just give Manning gave his girly nutri she's villainous Hathaway we need to take your feelings. And some consideration and mom. Right now. Yeah is self not sell the street. Get a new jury to definitely get different ornament. 8692 that is Chris calls are coming in this morning impala married 3.5 speak Garnett. But ill try and how to act why he went to school and T. That would be it well I've got through it's not a big deal. Thank you can fly I don't that the house is a big failure here in quiet it's not I think that it's not pallidotomy. And now it's not you're just. He's he's insensitive thank you for coal and kill didn't lose a lot. I don't why you're that is why did you went below 10 rob how hard it's important I think. I need accurate and art are. What I. 01 I think maybe that tree that we changed it quietly. Compromise and the lord I mean I and epic and quietly back out on. I act bad memory that he lately that questions yeah like I want memories. Like that how I would. Binal I was thinking that maybe the automated shouldn't be new but I disagree because. I have. Ornaments are my Treo and I've had since I was a young man who knows ornaments and journey through life with me those are different. Now the gas and one other play off oh you're gonna make it might help you being happy I act. It's all about her passion about particularly you're in the league and maybe seeing them slippage and the like. I doubt it because I remember. Holes where he looks and high. Okay actually thank you ma'am I appreciate your call and respect your opinion on pain and mail. I can't retaliate commitments from what I really didn't come.