Part 2 - Picky About Going Out To Eat - The Hitman and Carla 11-14-17

Tuesday, November 14th

The conversation continues...The Hitman and Carla got to talking about things they bring from home when going out to eat. Listen to what they bring, and to your calls! 


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Ten. My own so where from the house. My own. Forward. Knife and spoon and doesn't sound just. Just like 1% weird to you by the he means he is the only guys that the first you don't just call me weird I believe you good. Also Loretta your pocket on your first date within gladly eat you never taken girl I appeared on the first day that's a huge party foul. Yeah firm. I want to I don't know when I was at last night we got another go round of phone as a German folk like the hit man go ahead sir. I do you bring civil lawyer with you when you go to theater restaurant slash. Fill out popped off a double fault that she brought Seattle hey man Iowa I always the last thought I had. So where then the weight by. Whoa whoa I got sped off but they'll Wear and I look at it that will hurt like what you know about. Here your homeland I'm not all it's all right. Here's another plastic wire guy welcome Google+ to what club I can't say I'm not a member of it. And thank you. Can you metropolitan insurance they can live on ten year old from being 6910983. What restaurants that we go to an ocean lumbering my civil war I put and one of those like I'm an. Your club they're gonna think I mean your club associated because you're doing weird stuff. I know how weird stuff that's OK you wanna know how weird I am. When I go to quick trip to get coffee. Don't I make sure I get one of old bids from the middle of the pack of the list. Because that one's still stands the chance of being the least amount touched. And then the content little lid has to go on perfectly aware of this foul where the coffee comes out it's messed up with a QT under Putin coffee cup. It's business. You are. Serious problem America these days twin gas standards. We need standards and Scott at the Louisiana are so okay and then what you guys can call eight at 8691093. This guy's grandmother brings. An unusual items to a restaurant with her what's that men. And Lubrizol. Motor mr. Boone could barely. Yeah. All meat thermometer. Sadly that's on home. It through prayer that god could correct it is not even there being a boy and a girl who. Saying there's only two places it would just Ali stake the Scots and Shara pointed Texas Roadhouse I'm picky on my store. Scott sort of over being mad Grilli is I think you have to have steak sauce if it's a good stage I agree with you. Today TL Rivera who aren't millionaires know well below yeah right in the media needs to be. Pink on the inside golden pyramid you're going to remote apart from owl throws another what are normally I'm Carla. That I went through a number attentiveness. Back your parents are highlighted in men's. It's important it's. He's going to bring you don't you're counseling gloved endeavor restaurant. I bring cubs because I don't like Jerry Springer grammar bad cop because. Why good gaining just this rebels. No I yeah I don't I can't agree any unknowns. Nice restaurants. Don't want any of that and I. I don't want to give you Stroud were called feel like you're. Moorhead just sort of things that does lack an advocate against straws would coffee is a huge fool com. Yeah yeah. Good news. I'll I'll let Barbara borrow and my partner at Atlantic Jerry dare take that go with him to not make sure they. I do carrier around sanitize Arafat pump my gas yeah okay well thank you for Carlo now I'm crazy I know he's not like it's just absurd and I'm saying you're crazy.