Part 2 - Revealing Vs. Conservative- The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, July 10th

On a first date...should you 'leave something to the imagination' or go more 'revealing' with your outfit? Listen to today's dilemma and everyone's phone calls from this morning!

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The lives of Wichita speaking out this morning trying to help one of our listeners. They with the guys you know one of the way for me and him and trying to encourage them to go to the library. I'm tired telmex. Not understand me conservatively balloons and imagination you don't have to put two business officer for everybody to see on gonna put a flash in the online your did miss he got to where life. Start colors and ticket she got to Wear red can she Wear red or is that too from his kids what are we doing here. I think she saw it all works she works. If you're single. And you just wanna impress him I'm not seen my show it all bear at all. Well maybe you know acts coming to save continental the most high end he shim like wave like a flag that's what you say that's what I'm saying yeah pretty much. Drug related side. And he walked into target like. Comes and I'm saying be conservative with a little for the imagination. Such as planned to show a shoulder yeah. What else. Shoulder is good maybe you know loans can elbow showers to cover those that now now your rings are a whole zip up suit covered for your hastened by how good 86910983. Cannot get them out there. I do you put your business all out there on the first day with a guy you really want to bring you live parody go conservative what are your thing girl. And morning I'd be concerned that. He can well it depends on the kind of guy here lining the tracks. EUE. Reality and and is you're trying to attract big guy a good move. Here lining your bills fades. Conservatives are gonna leave act if they're not writing your bills paid and what your fish net teams very. True is you can put on a beautiful long black dress. You know Maria just let them decide hey maybe he's in Cleveland Nicholson pony yeah. Now. Yeah. Oh yeah and Tara well you disorders should you want to bills play usually don't know I don't business. I have I sure what that's a short term deal. I AM in my I career and then you found out they don't have as much money isn't topic. You need anything you want to yeah. Yeah yeah I am a lot of thought come out you know rise so he's. Conservative legal limit isn't Johnson days you'll get a better quality men. Your mom no rhyme Marta talk about this you will six. Let's compare that. Thank you so much I appreciate his CEO Smart. Tom and I did thank you yet but Carla why would you take the black dress and a little long slid an inch and a that you don't want to increase that stocking statistics. Seems to lose against Atlanta were okay yeah. It's cool because Tony doesn't matter you'd be aiming out to be done. Really yeah. I don't know what the ports plus it's a. Okay. My dress. Rat in the road and me we won't remember the win. Let's leave it. Nothing.