Part 2 - Roger the Dodger Cracks On-Air! The Hitman and Carla 1-17-18

Wednesday, January 17th

Rodger the Dodger called Hitman and Carla BACK this morning- and he was NOT happy. Listen to your calls about it! 


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Whole Lee is free teen Moly if you're just Sunni man that's more empowered angry point five. Roger Doug doctor Chu just called and and wing Craig Craig. Jihad on us and the listeners. Nobody's safe. Yeah if you miss what Roger just said to us he's just he literally ripped Buehrle and know when I'm very upset this morning. It was below. Roger the dodger is Roger actually called into the show about two or three months ago with a check of FaceBook account that he wouldn't Frey and his wife bought two I was dropping one. Drama to a friend who happens to be an ex girlfriend and count those things. I hit an opposite him let's get together. And he's got to go to have dinner with their Ph.D. IC barn chop house. His wife is upset he did nobody is wipes his wife wouldn't be comfortable at the awkward access and why API. Voter would you tell us most romantic restaurant in Kansas why because. Of the roles. Thought. And I know that's. Yeah. I don't sound the learned that you guys were announced this morning at about 345. And Roger on the Arab and it. Or. Oh. Yeah. Yeah. I'm Obama and I don't know the blue collar city cracks and I. And you. Hey I don't get it. The yeah yeah. And I am on my. Not the right. It.