Part 2 - SCAR WARS - The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, December 13th

More phone calls in honor of Star Wars being released this Friday. Do you have a memorable scar or battle wound? Listen to more of your "Scar Wars" stories. 


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We thought it was a perfect opportunity. To do a round. Of this Star Wars. Your crazy battle scars how you've got a scar on your body you were doing something crazy wild. Maybe even still blew it won't give it back in 86 mind should not entering the power logic going crazy what you're Star Wars stories this morning how are you know yeah. Actually EMI other folks got to on the same days from the same. Like. So I. At the moment whatever bad. I'll let you go up like the language came back in the plaza Wrangler. Oh yeah those omitted that's still about 910 inches along the. Yeah I am and what you like these my book on the front outcome as the news I thought as a souvenir tents and I don't have to go home. And while my love and you can't and it until I was like yeah. I want and I don't like about the kids at my. Let's go out of whack you know my mouth and I had a flight that's either. How my much so let's and then we could we tell our own almost two hours later he added I've read my neighbors. Happy as I understand that I might. EDT TD everywhere. And I think this actually the press and get it from you as a whole rather they pets and actually ended up studying vice president with the fat. The food though better than nothing. Yeah and I got about and we don't have a fire and end with a bad back fifteen. The mom of the trash. Lot of guys. I have my share of luck injuries that I inflicted. Upon others with as little money that's goes yeah and also like it was a perfect opportunity adorned somebody and my yeah. Your poor sibling. Do you think that eyebrow at leaves just that I don't I'm right about this. You can see my knee while sounds like you and your brother wind hardly a lot of times. And remember those days you have fun times to look at Assam and of course the data is no more. Actually my mom made me like your legs and around the back and and I look like. Anyway I have been a tragic as this type of I did. You know it and maybe possessed by. Dumont it's jurors so. I think I got bit yeah. I forget about it and all of the woman lived up to. You cannot. Yeah us and I think this morning. And a color of their journalists is okay yeah. Until wow that's whether the exits are. Are there is you've got a crazy star. Pattern did get an 8692 and I need to worry about. Forty years ago I would gotten literally born YE that they would shotgun. On my left side. Leads by half and it just. Mean how did you survive. Confirmed my hair just right handed third all the facts if you itemize cheap. Hold me why didn't why did the person. The triggerman published do that what what let's go to the penalty. It was correct then all heard shooting. I spray Archuleta but it. Quayle who like number preferred Jeanne Jeanne. Hanging did you have bulk shops could continue to work themselves. I your face over the years. Ever worked and still doubt. Got real merit to the plot never got. 43 of them enough bigger bet he's got a. Only moral horror that is crazy around you have a like half a face. No actually I thought they gave are from underneath curtain. Like you're always by the ear. You're lucky to be alive today only our own minds yeah. Yes he's a person not accidentally did this or you know or staying. Instead to go let them handle guns when your around him. Artwork got prolonged how long did it taste do you think he'll hold from the shotgun wound to the police believe I heard a bit about what you don't watch T superhero while that's that's an amazing story battled again ever talk to a shotgun. In the third survivor.