Part 2 - Sleeping In The Nude Debate - The Hitman and Carla

Monday, December 4th

Your calls continued about sleeping in the nude...


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Do you sleep naked. Or not and I'm like no I don't it gets cold like contrast. I just wanna become CN. Hey Brooklyn messaging me she said team Carla so that counts as a point for me I don't know. And a phone well you hear all the points you can get 86910. Married three RUT IndyCar team hit man this morning meeting car yes. Think you can bad boy aren't you and what are so you'll love what Farmar running our gear and found that unless you can. He's smiling. At the end it's a young cougars everyday. Hey yeah. Thank you can't you're okay and view the match he used the grinch usually is what it's fruitless one telephone. Well what I how. And I'm sorry I got angry at him and I have my visit to Larry but we are doing all have our Kyra yeah that's. Looks like she's. Lacking elsewhere could get rid of lives and you're perfectly. Honest I'm in the Indian nanny nanny. This could hurt you go our Russian women and hot flashes leave Honolulu hello colony we went five to Carl. Our team here and men. Are. Yeah and home market closest core sixteen to two dozen pentagon thinking let's do it why did why he wouldn't be days. My room gets really cold in the morning. Yeah like I. Act all cool smoking actually gave. Us food. Thin skinned Daria. Don't think. She's pretty days hello how many 3.5 two in currency hit man. Thank you music like. What are bringing down a lot of women may know they know that makes your morning start a little bit easier to doesn't it. This. As I must say look I what did you hear how she said. I don't. Yes it's. You don't want to lose. I know I could have got. On the Swiss car laden he's already pretty important five.