Part 2 - Smelly Co-Workers - The Hitman and Carla

Monday, January 22nd

The conversation continues...What's the protocol to address a smelly co-worker? Listen to your calls now! 


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Power 93 point 5%. So my view now or bracing yourself do you think you have nose clips that you keep in your pocket so if you're on your way. To a situation when you have a stinky co worker. What's the protocol. How do you handle I was thinking coworker I don't know what if you're naturalist that's fine but when you're working on people. People gotta be able to breathe. You know just clear an end to meet the best way to do is be straight up. Because otherwise the problem what. Persisting guests who suffers do you think takes that I could not agree we've got to go out of volleys not a good idea what this man had a analysts think he co worker you work for some artists prints and. You have got now while we need right now whole sorry guys I'm saying every day. My goodness did these every day when it. Mean we weren't comfortable with flu symphonies we need to be armed but few people yeah. These are naturalist. And no. No we leave and we gain new shirts feet over and it's exactly. And DOC come back and and Canadian market. Yeah straight through again and now I got to know this guy's gotta be single yeah I know he got a woman's. Yeah. Chicago's snow is as easy so he keeps herself pretty plain but I don't think I don't know I think all of Carmel and had those. Now. But it wouldn't put it ought to be old and everything and had a watch law and and they don't idiotic fortunately. We didn't we definitely give an attack on the stuff that he stupidity on a couple of follow. Own my guy yeah Culkin dude. You've got to she's going on let's hear some about the listeners can help you out this morning okay you better partner or all right Dave he's going to do a job again with a funky Joker hello I would agree boards and how do you hate must keep a good. Without the high attic your Mac featured the not so me and my name and Brett read while I don't like them interact I'm a hack and can. And I'm like I'm granting it tight hot water from Italy got him to be an act and yeah. I'm well. And the fact that. It was our anchor fewer than ten days after he'd gotten the IR. It's. Flat like a little many dear grant like many I ranked packed in pretty good. Prince this tree cannot see he told the principles that we got and you. Can't watch strain it'd be it. Well you know the principal was laughing as those who would be of the teachers and teachers' lounge where he wasn't around. It's yeah. And I thank you so much for getting him beyond her body print but I thank you I have. You know I. It says it's crazy now I thought I hated it Zurich where someone from here and her and someone I lived in your courage during your door in the month. I love little. I can't. You call it.