Part 2 - Sneaking Into My House- The Hitman and Carla

Friday, January 12th

The conversation continues with part 2 about a listener who called in stressed when his girlfriend's dad caught him sneaking into their house. Listen to the dilemma plus this morning's phone calls! 


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I'm tired already. 3.5 crew stayed back up the bailout for three days is too much energy going on and complement. It'd be just turn empower better 3.5 week I've drama. So many issues to address where should thanks to hurt and so do calls then. And he's needs advice solid says he's been dating his girlfriend for four months he never met this girl's parents. And she snuck into her house the other night so it's 7:30 in the morning on a Sunday dad walks and it'll honey breakfast. Who thought Dusan playing in her bed 7:30 in the morning now me just say this couple of disclaimers are both eighteen. They were fully clothed and they were dressed in everything and they are scuttling. Mom and so the question is what the dad like completely you know yelled at the dude mouse. He had like eight seconds to get out he leaves so he's off frustrated because he. Loves this girl he says he must and the rest of his life whether. And we're just kind of like look you gotta amend the staying with her dad because there's no way it's gonna work if you don't make this work with her family. So does that work kind of confused about is after four months and why hasn't he been introduced. To the parents. It's kind of one of the big questions I feel like. We really think about why you're talking Tillman now that were like taking your calls and talking amongst each other like wait a minute it's been four months. So we're kind of confused and wondering what you think you know. What should he do in the situation he loves this girl but the dad is like over it at this. Point eight and year out I mean. Like to see them and like you do it touched on college then with this guy first. In all this time we know introduced him to your parents announcement. Yeah not mean. There eighteen. You know like we said in there and schooled her I'm fourteen and fifteen. I just think communication is important because you said this earlier Heyman the more you try and stopped people from seeing each other the more they're gonna try and being together men and you don't want to cause any more tension and Carty is got to open up those communication lines. No doubt about it it's it's time to amounted to read a power lines. I don't crazy. This morning at elementary three point flood let's take a call what do you think are. He got legal aid and hit her parents' house but that. Big it's what it might know their apparent double ET. This chronicle on the more than ever your life but somebody. And every. Yeah see there's some good some wrong with the both of the few euros I don't give a damn how she is you have an amount. Well yeah. You know like to say they're eighteen and the bigger question is something he fills a certain way and maybe she's not fill in the same. And this is all kind of coming together. They could not. Wrap these great. Something go our honor the okay yeah thank you see this as he has is only did she Zoellick it's almost a little bit thank you for calling. It yeah. Appreciate to a good episode you do it looked as though about a 3.5 Sunday bedroom drama once. And it. And I put your. Finger now. Let me get here and you've got some rare regular trial but defense plug your mind around you're not no real dumb I don't want to get it. Can they don't leave it there if you I don't. Going almost flew off. Look we're not just having a gun a bit about it and when I'm not. I don't know about Bradley good and yeah. I'm glad. You're there and it really. I don't think the kids. I. That's good I just got an over the McCain looks like the slopes looked a little sponge her off. Yeah I guess I'd. I hate anyway. This is Steve as a going Steve is different he may.