Part 2 - Stripper Dilemma With Bill - The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, December 12th

The drama continues...."Bill" called us this morning for some dad advice for his soon-to-be 21-year-old son. Listen to the dilemma and mroe of your calls now! 


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Well everyone agrees that. You married at you saying yeah. Call me. You know mode at all. Brown and they're gonna go on you're downwind normally and half. You gotta love meg hearing about it and they're violence. All right thank you everybody east and that I don't know I. I'd commute is just a moment to spell while great choices in life. That and making good decisions. 86 I intend ID three I can only be go to open yeah. What are you guys didn't. Get paid the good does not close to the 21. Well I think it's really an issue. In here and I mean. It's agenda items he's probably bode friendly way you can't back off of our designated sharper than a half aren't nearly. One mark she sounds like Jerry great voice of reason I can I can just cheered and her voice is in a million. Don't know if I wanted to gain weight or you can protect your pattern or don't have free and Ben Bernanke. Yeah. And work it out a lot of the stuff none of fancy yourself a lap dances okay if you turned your colleague. She wants it it's. Any 3.5. And are all alone here none nobody. That is willing to support my decision on its never. However that the tanks. In the American Beckman a vegan pagan baby was there from your surplus for. Snow on the Intel is gonna say yeah you can do religious together this there are partners no marker again there's. And he just so much you know day in America no holiday parties are. We thought we thought Stewart cooler than that though because it took a trip whoever goes through it right well expect quicker. David we've been expecting your old man trying to beat it figured that he wouldn't work here Bennett right now that's what else. Carl he had a good point and Allison and I guess you know you're still just made me think about this a little bit I can teach him on how to you know took the hour let's yeah. Yeah. I do is be killed noise. I miss something like oh my god I cannot believe I invited my dad that's gonna have more fun in the sun holiday in Cuba and look. I guess Al would you guys wanna listen to get off to a strip club hello power not a good one side. I think that is still up awkward because he's here he's a corner and Hamilton bond gets up well in the full. New movie I had a good number home can opt out mama don't need to really knocked me get a grip just call it a drift. A winter ball home completely probably doesn't want me well. You never know we don't know ability to have colon men gone GE I I I. Even if I. Did you watch that delta and a bad. But yeah. He had this house and when my last name.