Part 2 - To Tell Or Not To Tell - The Hitman and Carla

Friday, November 17th

Your phone calls continued this morning...A listener needs advice this morning about airing her sisters dirty laundry! Listen to your phone calls about if the truth should come out! 


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This whole relationship with started on an ugly and disgusting lie and she needs to tell call and let you know what kind of person my sister is too much. It's too much Collins is he's due for it's like it's okay because you're Ashley aren't sure it won't hurt. Oh trillion to look good program poke a hole. Now he's got it and she was are you pregnant or what not I don't care what he thought he should have. Listen anybody didn't even cops maybe it ever been around anybody listen this is more this morning this is the reason why no matter who you are whether you are male or female you should protect your managers to insure that there are no questions that she's still life. And he's stuck in his I had no idea no his sister used to be I'd like your nice guy my sister was SARS 8691093. What are you playing. Yeah I think obviously. Bad they that he'll let him that yes. It felt confident guy in person were keeping it quiet you'll let me ask you. How to lose. I feel bad about that I hope yeah I like Israel jeans and. I want my news wise. Do what I learned there you. Are you happy with who you do any big. Part of that credit yup that's now that's. We are and how rare this is an accomplished liar and. I thought I thought you know let's bottle bottle. And the situation. I'm impressed. Thank you watch this guy has never got arrested and committed the McGwire in his life he'll talk his way out of church although undoubtedly important but what you drink. Look at questionnaire then I don't want to be pregnant by the news but you don't don't England but I think that there. No matter how you agree there should mind our own business. So what you want English to trap then so why wouldn't she want. The news. Looks like a little travel the word she looked views won a little better Clark Trent Jones that the next match. Yeah actually yeah. And why they admit the except the thing that snapped up the word no bears scars from San. Can upload or important aspect of the plot that you won't all right thank you for calling we appreciate it. 869. And 1093. To an age old dilemma DS everything Iraq.