Part 2 - Thanksgiving Dinner Fee - The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, November 8th

The conversation continues, should dinner guests pay money to whoever hosts Thanksgiving dinner? Listen to more of your calls with The Hitman and Carla! 


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Police were on the radio Carla. I just. Good guys are more we're gonna get to this call have been just truly Linear power and added 3.5. Yeah you would you like me says. Do the honors student or hire cheap skate they're trying not being maybe you wanna charge people treat ladies and gentlemen if you're just turning to the show I'm the one guy that says the one thing that all of you were thinking but you won't see how well she'll let me be the voice of your conscience this morning Thanksgiving dinner. I am saying they you should charge to have Thanksgiving dinner at your house. Look at the projected costs round out of projected to hit beaten and appropriate the cost per person the pay. You signed. That verbal contracts. When you agreed to host. Thanks Dave being. Dinner at your house you're talking abouts. The holiday spirit does she ran a survey in this is new trend of people are like charging per head. Their family members. Fourth Thanksgiving dinner look I did it takes money we've hosted many dinners and parties are house. Half people bring a side dish have people contribute somehow help out somehow bring some utensils that doesn't have to be cash census. Tacky I I disagree I say bring the money to pay me. Heck no I can't what you say or how you train twist says there's another guy I keep a dozen other Grand Island face. Okay do you agree with an event Krueger thank. She might Whalen is going on and there and she MI a lot of would be when they got there or Thanksgiving Day I'd have the bucket there and I don't banks to forgive him now that's. Are only done. She tell you know agreement. A case where nobody in my family volunteers to do experience. I'm a cook. Everybody has shown them a hundred things here. He he's just an upside to it and nobody contributors. What I would like an important. Yeah you're stacking up some hard cost conscious and that's when you it. Manson. It was pretty nine hours and you show up with no I didn't. Snow boots. Better have the money you gotta put your foot down. Be like look and record Imus just around here I make this amazing food no are we having Thanksgiving at my house until you guys agreed attention brings some of those brings so you just right now. Knows brings some bone steak and now the vital as it can afford to give him the money. But if you bring the Boozer hurting her middleman. It was. He agrees with me also. Thank you man I'm glad somebody else agrees with me about your helmet took governor of the trust of your food sometime okay. Tomorrow but if I do you're gonna make we paid 400. Our our leader our program are. Gas stations as he could eat free. Suck up well all you could lead to the beach hello how many good points I do you agree that you should have to pay for Thanksgiving dinner. Maker that you guys. Let's matters. Yeah I'll never released it. If you agree to big desk. Or want it here invited us through banks and our anyhow he's honored this should never going to want probably and thank you bring something to contribute. Then yes I don't we are freeloaders creeks and there's I mean outfit that I've been on hold that thought oh it is actually we have the biggest problems rarely. We hope almost every year and I tilt more toward your entry didn't let me separate dinners. Why don't you face Lleyton help clean up. Class a good idea to pay and clear why won't yet. Some Republican others saw as a straight up. I was straight up I rolled her eyes could be like I had something dirty up my shirt let I don't know what's going on with the guys that's like one guy literally that's agree with me you guys are cheap skates please go to our parent and defied FaceBook page is not a lot of saying don't let me. Here's what I wanna sit in Iowa mean to cut you off. The women haven't called you know why because in their heart they know I'm right is that what it does yes women know. And that's why they haven't called they agree with me the silent majority I am speaking for you this morning ladies I think you don't during these phone calls hopefully as ski 693. They all agree with me we have had. 90% of the calls have agreed with me this morning. There are days. 90%. 90%. Cheap but I'll let up and all gonna bring you 869 dramatically more calls about whether you should have to pay for Thanksgiving dinner.