Part 2 - They're Not From Kansas - The Hitman and Carla

Friday, July 20th

How can you tell when someone's NOT from Kansas? What stereotype about we "Kansans" are you tired of hearing? Listen to everyone's phone calls from this morning!

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How can tell when somebody's got some Kansas. 86 I do now is three human wave Iguodala does growth go ahead. I'm quite an entry has hit Barack yeah I would pop and I. Are. Getting direct. She didn't like north and out and I actually am he had over at I don't wanna. I did traditionally. You outbreak at our camera. I like and you don't like big big big like total bore my. He is. I don't questions so in Louisiana do you guys call it soda or pop felt it can't risk. Now is so funny everything bounce up the school girl. I. Had the act. Oh yeah. See more smoke slowly again but I'm mad man is almost a deal breaker and I know exactly. Ashlee wow so when you first got here from Louisiana oh what did they give Kansas. Being colder shot by army we did a frightening and I love it now I learned that what analysts forever. Okay. Why do you love it now how I love would you talk to automatically guiana an area and a half a million people it's clean it's not too crazy and the web you get to enjoy all the seasons doesn't she know to look dumb down almost ten now let's go.