Part 2 - Is Three A Crowd? The Hitman and Carla 11-13-17

Monday, November 13th

Your calls continued...A listener called in for advice involving her, her husband and possibly a third party! Should you invite someone into your relationship for one night....? Listen now!


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You 3.5 about what inflate how special man and Carla the conversations happening right now lady Carla she didn't want to go must remain. Her husband have been married for ten years. Things have got Ruth let's just say a bit stale he perhaps mold because it. In the bedroom. And so they are. Well. The husband. Apparently. Suggested to the wife that may be east they shouldn't send out a few invitations. And allow some other. Person and stuff of which have not. Fully been identified whether of the male or female persuasion. And to a bear the chamber wish to help make it. Happy music it's beautiful you're like trapping defense poetic wasn't. Carlos says your role. Maybe they should consider it different strokes for different folks you just. I don't I have I have an issue with that with that description but don't go ahead everyone's different could be even. I hit an IDA to know did little battle and in nibbled apple does listen she's your marriage. We've had some people call up this morning and say you know hope that maybe. Are the calls are still coming down along with the comets on FaceBook and its six month dramatic three you have been bracing yourself for a long time to get on your comment about this go. And I know thank you. In any bank or you're 00 she flipped and said he's testing here yeah and so if she readily agrees and he's gonna say it's it's exactly what I'd I'd say in the he's gonna wanna do too little mind games going on I don't even think about that Seattle this is a very Smart intuitive at all currently 3.5 what do you think. Yeah I agree or all of these keys. Bigger MR quietly. Well there's nothing wrong way. I love it I'm glad people are calling in admitting this and I welcome your fifties when people admitted. That's always a man though if doubt also. They did about it. Do you know why would you make up the early days old dog let it be okay it. As a mental thing that I also know that have via Asmara why it didn't want another guy would do the situation. And he's not gonna suggested that if she's. And I think I've got to go fly like a true value place or something like that goes on morale. The crowds I'm not have a bank numbers listen I'll let you know she's called to trim. And no matter guy OK ma'am thank you for Colin hello hello yeah yeah whatever the dream like me now. And I can't believe is like termites have the power of the 3.5 what is the thing. I ain't she cute and I hate big Georgia beat her fellow little rumor or false terror whatever that you. Yeah definitely not a nobody here maybe. Yeah. And invited them to fifty shades darker in her room. Eric she'd have her finish he'd write a FEMA out of our bags are going to be in divorce court you can spice up your own merits with our own bed it's got to have involved the clerk. Thank you don't really sort of circle what sparked it appears that there. I don't substance you're not a per announcer but yeah I know you don't want to add. Thank you don't call it OK you're very welcome to see. Do you like to the searchers. I've got to get a hit I know what she married I know she had come on now should start out his three boys I.