Part 2 - UFO's - The Hitman and Carla

Monday, December 11th

Part 2 about UFO's and Carla's crazy story that The Hitman thinks can be explained logically. Do you believe in UFO's? Listen to more calls. 


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We are learning this morning Carla fact that there are more people listening might sneak. Who don't believe in UFOs. Than there are people. Like you who to believe these players. Why do you pretty good this was false act. More people believe in UFOs and people who don't win we just read a statistic earlier that's like sixty some percent of people believing you up close and I was on a flight. Ladies and gentlemen last night. All my way back to which topics and this lady tap me on my shoulder and she's like did you hear it looks like why do I hear way it caused my music. She was like there's been recent UFO sightings in this area. Schools like are you serious it's just my dad's stuff. These UFO stories by the way always originate. In either Kansas. Nebraska. Oklahoma or Missouri. And I guarantee. Anybody that calls him this morning. It has a UFO story. I will be able to explain to them what in fact BP chief. I never Olivia and blown out. Are you are apparently believing he was always. Open about what you I'm sorry. I think Scarlett is not an excuse parent now I am like you only. Do I was. It was okay. Saying twelve. I hadn't ital and I don't race and I know she was senator Ed appeared and that's what it was. Sorry Mara I we'll get it out. Okay thank you mention until he absolutely does a better way to me I don't believe. And you know our would you hello he's got a preview of both stories. Yeah. Mine might are certain I don't economies that are playing my doctorate or. Six years seven years ago my dad down sides are bigger at 8 o'clock and more time. Thank Alan wakes me up and L come watch is lying or in the sky there were still alive. You can band that you have about over watching him loud and they are going to come and match and grand children and said he wanted to watch them. I told him I'd been there for five minutes yet yet idea about or whatever. He wakes me up again at 5 o'clock get out there you have those are getting closer to me about. Your trip children. She did and I needed grabbed an Atlanta. Next night I flipped on its board might not think yankees got do you have Atlanta on his argument coming to get their grandchildren and all of the now the national yeah. Yeah it was smoke cigarettes. Yeah. And that's what he's been there is no. Bigger at least most cool publicly about this that I think there's more cool that bigger or not I got no we go out well. Yeah. I'll hand wow Paisley and now okay thank you I appreciate the policies she is just a little girl trying to reason what drone daddy here. I'm an act it's exactly what that was it was a meteor shower. The list I could explain in the UFO story it was indeed yours don't we have a guy on the phone this morning apparently 3.5. Heyman now what's our tanks rolled. More rugged Greta got to do well clerk where you should you know let me explain it to. Sucked you could try when they admit it was quite like it or not was leaving to return and then there are churches next door to a school like a middle school and so we got to let the football field on their word you're all right cauldron doubt. I'd say about twenty baht if you beat up program yeah. This is simply not an Oklahoma City Eric. Etc. just always Oklahoma Kansas Nebraska and Missouri answer police continued. I try to tell everybody gets everybody can get on the bus. Might pose a question of all the people that were on the bus you were the only one I saw this huge UFO fifty feet. From the ground. I know you are everybody thought we were we get swept out of the military though I spent a lot of back. So is what my brother Kurt and looked it would probably at a really at the expo so everybody Carter out. We're up after school and school blocks at all he don't know what their future. But I've minimum do you but do you hear me Obama yeah elements that you Brothers and handed. And I 100%. Believe you and everyone's gonna think you're crazy because nobody else saw you know but real well is. What was it him and he's gonna explain what it was well let's go to simple. Time he didn't see the UN so his brother turned and saw that he didn't shoot the US loan. So his brother free and it's true brother wanted to protect your focus and I'm well I'm not a story that he's nodding your vote was two Brothers that were colluding unity together to. Confirmed the story of the sodium to your phone. That it was at all yeah yeah and I you know your brother is a good man wanted to know. I don't know that yet. Don't let him know that just don't even tell you don't tell us a good many undergraduates. Or whether I believe you guys I argued that a professional you about it. Well hold your profession you are following six. And you're gonna as the up and not an art. I don't know how. Yeah I think that's there. Quiet please. Don't know how well just.