Part 2 - Weird Cash Offers - The Hitman and Carla

Friday, August 10th

We heard about a girl saying some guy offered to send her $300 just for a video of her EATING some PASTA! What's the weirdest thing someone offered you cash to do? Listen to everyone's phone calls from this morning!

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Apparently ladies must remain because we're getting nothing but women this morning McAuliffe put their stories one lady just called and told us how I got offered a fifty bucks a drink all of the litter that is fallen into the bar naturally just basically drained the format into a glass and drink and just guys staying. Egypt's not a genetic three golden girls didn't send. Public some of my girlfriend. Aren't. Dropped its price kept coming back or personal. And it would get Irsay Eric. At one point and I just about his wallet. He would like it to me Eric Eric I was about shark ever heard early what immediate it'll let it is a little boom and I would have had very proud like to know what my thought he says yeah. However Houston hey you. To dazzle them did you dancing. To between you know you want to call you my niece and her son there must. While other book about a twenty jetlag so my job you layer out of knowledge you can. Nice to know me so much I'm not about your wallet Alex. My my friend you're being hit when we woman refused to or not he's normally if you feel like fat pipe quote such that type click and a. Yeah I can Arrington I thought it Newton creek field is huge so that's my word sorry yeah. I'd miss all the money in his wallet you gave in the shaking you know your name. Yes I was at leopard and I opened it and take on number you always know it's a number of starts out with 55 times. I think now days well so I here call me right now our Tex he's I have your numbers. OK Trent I know I don't write don't let number's gonna punish hey thank you grow for Colin. Problem I'm told that Duquesne is entitled why tour hello any three point touch the craziest and somebody's offered you money you do it and. People and a I haven't very very dollar. There like he's my good days. Right there on the irony in all my ear because hey Wheeling and high and it. Don't know why I work normal her you know our panel play or whatever and it's. If I can that I got this spirit come right now we're kind of thing Annie you're right. I would give each UK charity dollars is here. Is cute together on the year. Julius. Yeah she's brought to you carry. Voters right okay whole month go. I think that was like entirely cool you eat. You could probably only got about three grand jury reminder my god and rocks. I'm the towns. You would stick around for question number two weeks. I don't like you. And I smiled. And yeah. I'm glad you did say thank you don't. You can. Oh yeah. The almighty god thank you for calling legitimate story of what this is just so we can be outside sky and the lawyers staying somebody's out did you money until I can believe despite all his opponent what is amazing story.