Part 2 - What Do You Take From Hotels? The Hitman and Carla

Monday, December 18th

Part 2 of our confessions this morning- what do you take from hotels? Listen to your phone calls! 


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86910 madly three Chris is on the phone this morning Chris why did you stole it from all public land oh over hurdles are her refrigerator. Why it was bearish. I'll come on do you really just a refrigerator for a hotel refrigerators because our refrigerator it was broad are fearful that better throw Arafat actually go back to Russia or. All did you not even the credit card no outbreak here the palm my guy. Refrigerate earned. You don't a good record you've got to gathering and therefore her. And you don't look the most holds a refrigerator suck anyway because I haven't seen I have. I'd never have won best kept Billy king Cole. We go to a refrigerator actually throws your V remote it. Roads every day you're characterized mere faith in our users go to. Certainly isn't actually okay. I'm glad he's still have the rich. Sorry your record your are all alleged god tells news. Bush and from our refrigerator and we heard there you go live and not the grinch story of the day for Collin OK I got. He's. The only. You can't.