Part 2 - What WON'T You Eat? The Hitman and Carla

Friday, April 20th

The conversation continues! A list came out of the top foods safery experts say people shouldn't eat, but what will YOU absolutely not eat? Listen now for everyone's phone calls from this morning!


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Prudent to absolutely will not see this morning you're born of the power lines and 86910983. There's something you don't have to try to know it's going to be discussed AKA tittle and stuff you got to drive those and other discussing because we do you miss things that bad is not meant for human consumption messages time and time again. That's something I absolutely will marry and how are still. Here oh my passport. Or can you hear repeated yours yeah I'm shatter. Really awesome pink hair like Pierre likes. You give me any better I'm now we're how wet it is base is sixty years. Everybody got up from the moloch delay I have peers and friends of fried pig ears out any dose. Yeah. I'm just grabs him and I. I'm happy to rob my weight or bribe but not me. I'm glad I'm not sure if I wanted to did years though he saw. Laura oh yeah. And I'm not agree like that scooter joining you can lead the clean and you're not being all over the city here following. Our new car or Vietnam I agree would just sounds disgusting Amman to try and somebody big is that can fur collar. Dinners hello. A boy inside followed few actual act will not eat. Healthy fat. I trauma of those so whereas I won't leave until we see there. Who can come out with a win in high school and we will save our money. When we went to the pizza place after the games are the only pizza we could afford to buy was and jewelry one time I tried it now was my first and last time ever did you sneak. And drag and I didn't consider that I desired. And showed. Are your kids at a banquet. Gilbert calling the morning and till Lisa hello girls it's. And I did not injury I've followed you absolutely. Will not to eat.