Part 2- Which Restaurant Do You Miss? The Hitman and Carla - 11-10-17

Friday, November 10th

The conversation continues with The Hitman and Carla after they got to talking about restaurants they wish would come back to Wichita. Listen to your calls on which local restaurants you miss the most!


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A restaurant from back in the day that no longer exists that you wished it would bring back Apple's explaining why. Apple gave tool and the that yes I have and a bunch of locations still didn't let. Yeah I haven't heard that yes and you can tell those businesses that moved into their old locations because the buildings are still listening he's not very. It wasn't Allan park that was and that was in the back of the dress and a bit of her DSC. Half yeah I remember apple needs a landing. While we go way way bad girls Randi I love it. Thank you for calling apple slim didn't she places were so good I love how ready 3.5. A little restaurant that no longer exist that you wish it would bring back don't you. Oh yeah yeah. Our collapsed. Who union went wrong oh wow I didn't know JK it was getting down like that you Kelly yeah I'm not a factor I. Yeah I want. Yes I remember Brennan gets mean agency else and I don't tell you right now. Aren't from the well there you go menu you have. As your favorites but you've golden Joseph Kelly is what amounted to Brennan gives the next. Week. I. Don't count on golf. Awesome I'm. That's awesome. Thanks for call and I appreciate your good about ourselves a great memory good birdie. I'm good thank you dude Joseph Kelly's I don't remember that glacial. And you 3.5. Little restaurant tobacco did did you wish they would bring. When don't don't act went on Westpac which one writer why. It was it must say yes buffet out west Obama but what Karl via a lot of groups. Those birds ever flew I hasten that everybody's going Harlem Hospital not jail yeah. Remember all of the Batman and iron and tomorrow's my last live learn and yet. Did you did eleventh low of just he just media but when I worked at another radio station KK RD. There was that America can only be her name was Lupe. And she would make me when you don't bring it to midnight on Sunday and. Do you mean amended note he has something new found respect for you I think your car. The sister gets for hangover still I wasn't hey Laura was and hung over yet. For instance if I. Should parliamentary 3.5 begun an old school restaurant to know laundered tissue wish they would bring back a. Thanks very well it okay. So many different restaurants since they left happening to their current price back in the day it. Yeah I knew when it changed her name the beaver then it was over Harry beaver the son Matt who go. Plus the gaudy Eva. Yeah I don't think maybe ruin not islands daily yeah. Parodied angry yeah. He just like not on my cousins. I like he had let his hands up against Spain and yeah. Let's call it an equity diva Mariah is use. I believe they have might get a few more present there's. Yeah I. And room and I'm still here and yeah if you don't think we're going to talk about being.