Part 2 - Worst Baby Names - The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, November 28th

The conversation continues about the news of a family that loves Olive Garden who is naming their daughter Olivia Garton sparked this topic this morning. What is the worst name for a baby you've ever heard? Listen to your calls!


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And we have lots of calls. The one guy called a friend of his their last name is Peter's but they named their daughter Sharon. So we wanted to know the worst. Baby named. You've ever heard this morning empower and adding 3.5 to a girl. I actually lives where I'm told that she can hear the question clearly now it their own kids she'd left lip and jell O in Orange yellows so she named her darker Lamar Angelo and our Roger. Oh well we'll show and computer center. We're out our new lab that's created Lamond alone and Ron's oh yeah. Until most OJD double alone. Out exactly are expected to come barbed wire. The day. I want answers that taxing issue out over though on them on July and you know I just got this vision of jell O and you know what it's for it's cold and sits there and it's kind of still appreciate and I love jello. There's always room for it I don't wow actually. Yeah good and true that the does she doesn't have on the East Coast of the worst name for a lead you've ever heard. She is yes I'm sure there's a reason for that but you've mrs. I actually kind of like them and you missed it but the rule. I thought at all yeah can you imagine applying for a job here is the real dilemma. If you're not keep this. Yeah another billion dollar friendly towards school they could lined up. Yeah I com mean al-Qaeda. Did jello kids out top cuteness that's funny thank you Bergamo in OK no problem. Don't have a name like cuteness and let's not the more I get told. I've heard. It's a 3.5.