Part 3 - 3 Year Ultimatum - The Hitman and Carla

Thursday, April 19th

Listen now for the full scoop about a listener who's getting fed up with her boyfriend of 3 years who's dragging his feet in the relationship plus everyone's phone calls from this morning!


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Always firm's magic your daughters and couldn't you tell assumptions. Prove nurses to lose this stuff so. Yeah. Basically she's now does do for three years and it's not moving up the pace she wants and they don't even list together yes finest on FaceBook turn 935 Chiming in there if you can get in on the phone lines. Because I notice on social media you guys here with me more that Colin has warned MI the bad guy here. And my guy this guy that's forcing the issue of two months so dramatic I think I'd still like god. Even to myself calls to plug just got to get somebody do agree it is not about you today kids age six until I didn't. Are you I think yes there are people that aren't in decision marriage or not the armory. LE. You know what I mean yeah three to five years people ate a letter Aaron and you know I can't. And act that you want to. Yeah it but how are they thought that figure out that it what did he ever had a parent or agree that he is okay I said. OK I like conversation or let's look let me let me just add a second scenario after you've had the conversation Greece and the and he says. Now then one. And how did not I'm but he brought humor right yeah marriage in the can't and I get it I thought I might back. In the beginning I think. I edit and I didn't feel like they are they're saying it's an attack they get. It. Who do you put him on illness I like it. Listen listen blitzing guys okay you know she is 100% on point and I'm not saying if it's not gonna work for her than she can want it doesn't mean he's a bad guy it doesn't mean you have to no good client. It just rang that's not his staying you know soul didn't do a medal. Do you an old Tuesday together and get married well we actually are they on the along. Our yet we your yeah. Let's tweak your mouth doesn't look that that's like yeah. That's meant to fight. Yeah and cool now. He has here why not I get back at Allen. They want it ain't then there really isn't going to work so they need to figure out yeah I worked boring or they did. Thank you. Caller yes yeah on Sunday in this thank you yeah. It's just like Matt last. Midterm mapped out the role of lies that you wanted to quiz German you're going to go. Okay.