Part 3 - Blue Eyed Baby Dilemma - The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, May 16th

A suspicious father and husband is considering asking his wife of 5 years for a paternity test for their 10-month-old son. Listen now for the details and everyone's phone calls from this morning! 


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If you were me you would you ask for a paternity test. What's the best way to handle this very delicate situation I'd say. It's perfectly okay. To get a paternity test is not a huge for our nobody should be upset about fat. Coming your adult approach it and a very adult kind of way and say you know. Huge it is a huge foul wasn't a huge file Y one is huge foul on the play any kind of shout you can come up. Com baseball Amman. Why are you still adamantly uphold this is gonna create resentment. He's implying she was unfaithful and went outside of the marriage not just. This is he's been he's being ignorant as what he's being numerous. I need you weren't just because the baby's pale light complexion one liberalize it happens okay we'd love. Yeah for me this morning H. It's it's 1993 Carla I would submit to you that this has happened other couples in our listener audience is more than I would love to know how. They handled her let's go through power lines antics were a dramatic. Hello glad I agree with those that hear you my ex husband actually have a job with black ice time he's so young at the point where we need to learn. I that actually turns perhaps. Yeah sells rebar that's rod and I both have browsed kids. There we did this teenager that I wasn't offended however some women they could be offended. Depending on who they are depending on what tackle why you're gearing let's yeah I did not she pleaded not keep the baby has I you don't realize it would just genetics. But I would say they expect that he had done how she acts I had no problem with it yeah I separate it whatsoever at this kind of early for a loop bread. I wanted to know what well disciplined with my baby and. Okay. We think you'd be at home and cheers yeah. I haven't exactly I did I'd fit and you know what I do agree that it does raise questions right. I wish because they're like the whole time you know I'm glad I wonder if my child and my child alone that if he brings that I heard okay. Look how everybody I don't think he cheated. I didn't want to you know be sure we're there I felt that it is my child because this is rare for me I could understand that I like. This would still may be a pro job like that honey we've got to make sure they didn't switch to the elite the hospital and that's the yeah I go out and hurt but you'd also want to have been beyond. Like something's wrong thank you very much I appreciate dude she need and then they please blue eyes turn brown. No I. Don't take the test to veto any kind of test may did a secret let's go to the power of hello good morning what are you saying why aren't. It's as it is it's a BS because my husband and I have a AP RD. Bad apple looks like. But I didn't have a key so I pattern that angered that their DNA and it escalated proof that it is your baby come. More bells and not that building edge and then I did exactly that they have to be exactly what I can't wait here and herbal. Yeah and what they're all brand new did is they all look like little truce saying yeah I don't. Why they don't know why you waited it works you important you know yeah ruins yeah. And get that didn't look like that that aren't I am I make. I'll let body aches and not let ignorant and I have a back. Merry and happy man's battle that baby out to meet you put him but apparently they see it every year old Indian Paris assembling. I'm married a little hurt but it felt like I hate hate this I think now. And it's real threat to safety dot com I have no water. Our house are you joining me I would do the test but I believe. Yeah as salty. They are. Can't think that they didn't beat geology of the cellular until I mean doesn't sound like an Afro in India and yet but yet but when you. Lose. A it's nice you know what and what they he would probably not does wasn't where you said yes you can add details you can leave as you dated anyone rolling dice. Yeah. I lol yeah. And it's the ever read it desperately I need the draft and you apart there you go and hurt their feelings because we have. Don't lend it or not and is looking like it'll yeah. They could do it that's the heart disease. Break stay home and listen to radio host yeah. And I. We'll swing even have a lady.