Part 3 - Catfishing My Ex - The Hitman and Carla

Monday, April 23rd

This woman who's still in love with her ex-husband may have have finally gotten his attention... but it may backfire in her face. Listen now for details plus more of everyone's phone calls from this morning! 


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This lady who emailed Carla it was never embarks. What's a midsize about what to do with their. Two year marriage which is now over they got a divorce yeah. So now he's single. She's in Madrid just recently got divorced like a month or two ago some like that. I'm their marriage for two years OK so she found out that he was on a dating site. So she joined that dating site created a fake profile put up a trade pitcher. And is now has been having these conversations with them back and forth. And now he's like oh I got to know each piece falling in love with her dad he I think I've I love you because love hasn't boundaries he doesn't know holed that he's been talking to his ex wife this whole time. So when you say out loud as sounds crazy but this oh I see. It's grown man say okay let's romantic. Carlos said this romance I see she's not. Too excited to 93 the calls keep coming in about does have power and average 3.5 go ahead ma'am what do you think. It is a way to ballpark what hated it you would have servant very David gotten to the pulpit that there are too few. He quit doing but he moved or not you're going back after him on the slide there okay yeah you're right I quit doing those things at but now back. And thank you really do like me and out what to call I'm gonna continue doing those that means so. I feel like there's a group both of gov brewer juke but don't look here is great and she wears it. That's how you sell your actually you know the British but ordered go all the way down to prove once bitten off of that anger. I data bottom line and he agrees with me thinking oh he does not just you I don't know hungry and really how he says he has said very clearly thinks he's. And coming up she is definitely crazy hello already three point viable what do you think. I think his current peace. Really really really allowed to create that girls yeah I'm confident happy literally you've got two years ago if you really want you understand who you really weren't what do you mean no need for new part is not a lot you. You create. Are they hope to have you correspondent ozawa is not really actually great great client to be. It's athletic let's not focus on the that's not okay so what it is and how it might really come on the big picture not the big picture what are you impart to our values these girls. If all. You can't do. Let's just keep it real you and I both know the reason why she got him all worked up and everything 'cause she probably even says some things that you wouldn't put in print that give him all worked out if he's thinking like a man do you want to go in to see what's happened. When you. But do you any good read from my POP parabolic but I can force so do you act or green number I think you actually. I mean how easy is it you're out earlier heard this morning thank you don't have to do so I'm boot from our bigger elitist. And usually occur to me from the site on our place and just today should bring with you Al. I don't know I'm not only at bat hitting a. He'll let you know what. I'm good yeah I'm. Come on now and beat a team.