Part 3 - Do You Have A Landlord From Hell? The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, December 19th

Part 3 of Landlords From Hell! Recent local news had The Hitman and Carla asking this morning- have you ever had a landlord from hell? Listen to everyone's calls and storries now! 


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How much you're gonna landlords have little stores lewis' morning like you want and why am I can't I can't my carpet my. Like playing lately you really fiery. Plane went back. To the board but you know I don't. What. I did you. Okay. Hello my. Toilets and a back. Is six months or are. You probably had my goal beyond my car up at the app but shortly. That's about. How he's tried. I offered you an alternative that would block. Has a lot of extra value that you probably never even thought about all of them home you know the fertilizer that you can use for your plan on. In your garden and Fiat now eat. OK now. It 3.5 landlords. Want to let him. I gotta get on board. I'm that old ambler Heatley AD your goals and eat it. He was so crazy scheme where it goes through our mental note art scratch he would call the electric company address are now card bill every every. She's. Just crazy about recently there are. You'll look your window I mean like digging your trash can't. Now we stand he would go to all of march as it got dark now in England actually beat you. Oh my god so why did you think he was motivated despite. I don't know like. I think you it is old and the only important and it can psychotic we are locked art Karbala and then not be replaced him but he would be coming through our court. Grandma's house and I'll really it hey the Iran does to your dirty laundry your man. Yeah. I putted pretty. I'm like well I had betrayed the Atlanta I don't know there's any club history tells. From landlords from how love the car loved the story OK this guy who. Should a nosy landlord and she's here is holed up in the video I did during which time.