Part 3 - Emotional Cheating- The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, April 25th

More discussion about if emotional cheating worse than physical cheating. Listen to one husband's dilemma regarding a female client at work, plus everyone's phone calls from this morning!


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We're pretty much having an affair. They're not having an affair and they're just talking to each other and sharing each other's what would you tell them that it has gotten a car on the way in slams and. They're sharing each other you know it has not gone beyond that. The conversely my. Let me ask you this do you think it's delivered to you there's a slice of pizza missing are you gonna complain and I have. Just a slice that's like this car there's a slice of his heart miss seeing. He's given to this girl and it's supposed to be the whole pizza supposed to be for his life. And it is hard to been divided and so he's cheating he's emotionally. Detached and he's emotionally cheating on his wife. And that's what's gonna get a slice it and that was what I. That's what exactly. So we were always want your power and added 3.5. What's worst emotional to limit physical chief hostile to the power lines go ahead girl what is being. Agree with you Grigory. He Khalid and I T does what he clocked at biblical lie being held are not easily add to that you ain't everything. Can't work it out but I don't I'll still I'd eight. Well she's married to since he's not Reese I mean you don't want our so it's just like game thrown its. The ones who stay inside of your little interest in the middle want to go under the age you might run into the white blockers trying to saying well. It's. Just how well are trying to cover bands are buying. No wonder you just Savard playing here Mary invasion it's still the same as invading when they finally do they're still thinking about it and it. You see guys I don't know why he gave us. The it will totally yeah I believe I just didn't just want to home locker. 100%. Once I what do you think. When it comes to women were literally seeing emotion those Morse could women are emotionally stimulating. Now that being said when you're going to physically cheat you cannot say expression we're demands that he could hit one that's one thing but you do it multiple times there is being emotional connection if you did she need emotionally. That's why they did say that are kind of developed feelings you some idea that you're saying that the physical hole. We you're did tell years in Michigan had a bad day he had developed feelings are so let me have work or what you're saying hey I had sexual. But it works so hitting it ones is different than hitting him multiple times when it comes and breaks. Personally your I'm Manny is Jesus as a deterrent maybe he's so determined hundred included words apply in this particular. It's a just trial knows. How this side of the brands. And that's one thing wonderful woman go to our chief normally it's good we receive not getting something at home should be getting word cute she thinks she getting cheated are so automatically. Through an emotional connection we've all right all Don Mattingly. There you go this guy has figured it out I'm not quite sure what but she hits theaters are they now that's for sure and certain Leo wow. And I guess you can say yeah. I'm I was driving out of these agreements gals my meaningless like he's sitting at a good level. Yeah nice.