Part 3 - Ex At Work - The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, February 21st

Part 3 continues about a listener who messaged us about taking a new job with her ex-husband. Listen now for the full scoop and everyone's calls from this morning! 


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She would be her ex husband supervisor and a supervisor of the girl that I had an affair with her husband at the time. So she'd make more money but it would also cost her her sanity. OK so Obama I guess 40% more money I'd say the hell with him he's an afterthought. Going get your paper and get your money. And. Look if he messes up do what you gotta do when I say it's a bad idea you bring in baggage from the past it's only been a year. She's probably finally in a good place not one person called up this morning and agree with you not mean one. 86910. Mandatory power lines are still going crazy how what it's intended to Jabber now. I never lie. Then there's some bad and then I let nobody let me get my money out while the battle to lose its right hustle and flow. Ending up about Manny yeah exactly gimme my money down your birthday oh you know movement. Money honey I love there are different columns should Carla gotta. We have some of the definitive now but we know your opinion at all I'll tell already good points I'm what do you think. I had green red skylab. I would not take this position now let me ask them motivated for a lot of things but you can't put a heart attack on a piece of luck if they had separated because hey it just didn't work out you know there's still a little bit by bit I mean I everywhere you. But refused to let me sort of Obama and I don't think that I wanna go to work every day and we'll sort that. Can only hurt your CU just above I wouldn't wanna endured being you guys everything they ever call and that's what he's been well he had no engine so you can't help thank you just now infallibility. Yeah thank you for. I don't think we can take it anymore phone call so I might miss in the eye and and your rather lose tomorrow. I got the only. Your spiritual well made men's and he had his colleague. He I've had a very bad level of twenty guys. Only women do this way the numbers are you being with us I have to thank you actually do more calls and it's just mind tonight is slim parliamentary 3.5 what is and. A state like bit. Basically it gives you owe me money sporting events at a bank let. Well now. I'm getting that tattooed on my arms and. Wherever he's the asterisk asterisk asterisk though. You didn't clues. Cornerstone player. Touting Syrian RM America into the dollars and. New.