Part 3 - Exotic Dancer - The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, June 13th

A woman's exotic dancing past has resurfaced when she realizes her current boyfriend's dad used to be one of her best customers. Listen now for the scoop, plus everyone's phone calls from this morning!

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I'm very 3.5 about what he's way out the hit man and Carlos Diaz to stripper dilemma this morning that's what earlier this is what we'll call it. Carlo let's role play well okay. We have a list serves as she used to be a stripper backed a dozen bills back into the got a new do their lives off Nevada to new dude wants to take her to meet the fan of them turns out what you she's a pitcher of his statue realizes that back in the day. Daddy was warmer best customers and daddy back in the day Elizabeth zadi. And he would come in all the time and make good morning yes she did end and I say just be honest it's gonna get worse if you lack. Hear what Carla let's roll we have not had an OK I'm usually yeah let's roll and play I want you to be the boyfriend. And I'm going to be the new girlfriend. And all this comes down to question Unocal could disrupt fiasco it. Surely you don't Gurria pharma the way. Thank you thanked. Gross stuff Yahoo! News and opinions cops don't. Used to feel scribbled. Like dance. Until I would isn't. Did you used to didn't think it's not likely. This just exotic. Had to give clues not paying didn't. Know is that like exotic animals sold and just like. I'm. He makes you an omen. What kind of last hour when them excited yeah so. Are you suggesting that's how she should respond to his question won't that would be a truce blitzer when. And right there and that. The first thing is had them repeat the question. There's an answer it's an everybody else.