Part 3 - Expensive Ring - The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, July 11th

More of your calls about expensive rings! Does the size or cost of an engagement ring matter? 

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You can go cheap on toilet paper. Or don't she'd gone and you know get an off brand this is not what our needs especially 861993. Outweighs her from a lot of ladies this morning though we haven't heard from a guy does the size of the ring mattered near. They don't know I have actually heard from miles any war is the bigger green the more like you got a chance to get a court it feels like he beat ladies it's more about that. The money. Well a bit more about somebody in there relates to get married in any forward Blake you're tired you know sometimes you got it off small short UAL up again made really again made the left which one is they. All right then great question thanks for calling Karla is that the framers of the love. I pay you seem to says let's go to the next CE vote looms it's. Did pretty boring I does those little. No matter that does the brain dead not to. Mattered in the beginning. I remembered the nineteen year lol when I first got married my husband will spend a struggle with the openness we report broke college. Students. Yeah I know he's got me what he could've sport best believe and that's been seeking earmarks. I don't like you know it's time to upgrade a hate it when we upgrade I mean we. It. After nineteen years I didn't Arab I'd go to our next breath. Did you do when you know because you know all the things that you've been through with yeah. And a Osama. I've got so we went all out after nineteen years and really see those sites and stepped up as the ma. Seen here you've got that nickname that. Morning years eagle putt but I can't and you let me I didn't take somebody and whatnot. Outlook although. I ask a more dynamic wound. Has been. She's the first one here on the need you to stuff. And Laura and I and you know things don't work like they used to have you worry and he's got out. Surround consumers so so when the beginning it's OK to go cheap but then later on and when you build and you let each other even more that's need to do those things simmering since that book. Yeah it's exciting to. Yeah yeah we've got a battery that's true that's what I did they are you listen to these women can't crowds so our boundary boys club.