Part 3 - Expired Food - The Hitman and Carla

Thursday, March 8th

A story about a Colorado family who accidentally ate expired cereal from 1997 brought up the subject: Do you know someone who eats expired food? If so, what do they eat and how old is it? Listen to the conversation and phone calls from this morning!


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Hey Karen anything points by every year to confessed. About some new lease expired food. Yeah I do love my name is Charlie and up one timeout at my house and does all we have a scale weekend and I ate the whole class. Staying all week. Shop Elaine just six. No I don't I'm not okay well that's did you know of mine expire also lead in the grand. I'd had paranoid 2.5 do you eat stale we sentenced or Nelson but he needs expired food. Have my god what is eat the UC IA of course he and corporate fat. So narrow Q why else would you when. You put so it is Miller sold just. Although it what is the trip there are now looking at it firm why is that it is that they're gone. Me laugh out of somebody gets done and you gallon of melt I never heard a liar is bad enough that my daughter to call in here. Hold on I got to tell I got to tell these people about OK okay thank you so much for listening to thank you know these so she's we have heard it off.