Part 3... The Hitman and Carla- Coworkers On Social Media

Monday, September 18th

The Hitman and Carla continue with the topic - should you be friends with co-workers on social media? Listen as callers chime in! 

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Whenever a 3.5 T shirt is on for you wherever you are this morning what they hit man and Carla must change. Social media FaceBook Dempster Graham Twitter. Is that a good idea to be friends. With chip coworkers and your supervisors. On social media Kyle let adamantly says. Heads to the now and Alex on FaceBook just messes just dismiss is done little Alex. Look Alexy said. No don't do it he's an almost got fired because I was faking sick. I was but he's good friends and my co workers and someone attacked me to much pictures of me having fun and stuff why Alex as you're stupid. The city. And many reasons why I. Should not the FaceBook friends with your coach's mouth. The science look you can go to call on set that's the last place you need to be is on social media portrait. When I hate people they get on social media and tumble world I didn't see. Home. Lilly is me who really. Why I got guys do that the most music craze. All the women had said no not one single person has shed yes wolf everybody good got a good idea this morning Goya what do you think. No because. Our pitches and they makes everyone's life miserable. That's not good idea because it you've once again a professional boundaries and I think man how could she dropped. Oh yeah. Are you oh yeah. Pamela then. Yeah under the tournaments where your mom works for what kind of work did you not do these and how. So Lanka also every night and it does the blends like. Probably didn't mean FaceBook friends with her. Pleasures are hurt by probably doctor Clinton obviously like I think my mom he chewed too. And almost every night went ahead and added you'll go back home and all. Worked out OK got to thank you for Colin thank you say that I want you guys I've been here every day and lives. We want asked whom they can listen to us in the app and we want you to know. You can be friends with us on FaceBook and we love our jobs. Today through I don't think the way I wanted to swing young lady hello. How are ready 3.5 what do you think. It is okay I thought I'd disagree with every line is. Now for you as Superman suit I am not impact current said that and but I went back several years and I am. You know friends and on the flag all of employees. I'm from here but out in the day they'll spend less people that I work the ball artwork I'm Daryn the having your that I. She got the same way I know a lot of people want my profession that I worked with over the years the minister and a lot of years I've been doing this job and people that don't work what now. How many radio off I'm Alex greatly. Really doesn't matter well this is true it grad I've been listening to news and when it way way back when you had her accident ended up in the hospital car. Yeah you guys very play loaning it out but I. Absolutely fine but other people I work with better ideas and I don't like yeah yeah oh yeah. Now we understand a holiday is not a good time here for you know we've got. Thank you for listening to us every morning and thank you for listening to me for so long over the years we look before you think you're absolutely. Right UT and she acknowledged your loony you heard our. I'm back. Crazy. Insularity. 93 point five.