Part 3 - Jasmine's Best Friend Pregnant - The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, November 29th

Part 3 about Jasmine who called in this morning UPSET over her best friend announcing she's pregnant. Listen to why, and listen to your phone calls! 


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Jasmine has single handedly. Upset every single mom and Wichita not to mention probably brought up some ugly memories for some moms are listening this morning. Here's just a little bit what jasmine said. After hearing the news at her best friend who they made a promise some high school that they would never have kids. Got pregnant. I guess high school we've made a promise of what they speculated that they're and that some of us together really don't kid so early to party really go well and you know I just am having their responsibilities. That's odd change and that just patriotic. Her friend obviously is Greg mention don't like baby daddy. We have a mom that's on the phone she's been dying to give him go ahead deduct comment. That's ridiculous it. I actually can't all of my best friend because I got pregnant rightful. Know who. She'll be really have to lose. You have to really acts. I don't like it and they can't because I was reading it and I don't know what that's blue and. So stuff happens. I can't believe what I'm hearing here women aren't that Smart. Yeah mainly yeah she need not that happened hurt I. I got pregnant I thought my ear I go ahead. I don't want graduated as they thought the ball out and I but it did not head and say that you don't put it at that Erfurt that. You don't put enough effort we know how could somebody be so cold. I don't know you clowns. Anytime you Moorhead is even ground down and kind of bites. Sunny. And they'd be out of. You don't well do you know what you've got to friends and hit man and Carlo okay that's right they. Abby yeah. Okay now wait we like to go umpire you can dumb party what does this weekend. Can you find a baby sitter at my. Paul okay all right we guy's shoes we got resolutions. Carlo because you don't hear that the baby sitter yeah. Oh one lucky girl doesn't kill you aren't you feel this is unbelievable to believe that. Actually call him up this morning saying what jasmine has said is true it's happened and how about you what do you think about jasmine and her crazy comments about a foot getting pregnant too. I mean dollar. Seeing the economy to lead into schools meet.