Part 3 - Joint Facebook Account - The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, February 13th

Part 3 about joint Facebook accounts. Does it mean that you don't trust your mate, or is it saying how much you love them? Listen to everyone's opinions from this morning!


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We have the hard pressed to find anyone that agrees with Carolina this morning. But the phones are still going to be into trying to manage three Lou welcome your comments yeah. A lot of guys have called this morning and understandably have agreed with me we had one lady who is really confident himself who agreed when you're out. But women don't Foley Greenwood Manhattan Dugard and her DUO. Steve. Hey anything. How much do you think why do you agree little man. I'd laundered gonna ask this guy that call about trapped helped plenty of people dealing that are unhealthy relationships. We chimp and they do great because they don't have to worry about what the other one of common X Al wow. Are yeah. Murray. Not to partner whether or otherwise I don't think he'll personally did you listen to me social media does stuff doesn't he. That they wouldn't normally do believe it's too much temptation now as tensions. Almighty and I. A double major Jewish relief yes still a concern right now. I agree with you here man on this joins us now. Great can't fight it off honestly doing the men. Don't wanna join the council meets does that mean you don't trust yes I. I don't wanna be your relationship with somebody who doesn't trust big bag and I can tell where. That's going to count got serious about it now you can blow you RCV independent polling news. You already do little right so. Strongly stated yeah I know you can't have talked. What about OK why blouse and see everything and I only had you I'll get my mom and a smaller than I. Engel DN about a theme yeah. Every week you'll be glad that I like everything I agree. So you're saying it's. Guy attitude now. Hello good morning Eric brewer's dream return into trees come so far from the Eagles this business. That's right that's why the double Jordan where I want. I. Mean you can sense we really don't you don't that's right. I don't want your relationship what somebody who doesn't trust me you're gonna rely on the moment. So fewer and I were married right now I'm like honey I really love love the Swedish is still enjoying please let me count can we please do that you can be I don't know are part of Israel. You're talking Carlo one of the most beautiful women on the planet. In Manhattan lost countries the beautiful women likely. The. Yeah. Yeah I did that up all of the goals will fly oh he's considered in the car. I'm not half. It's.