Part 3 - Keep the Ring? The Hitman and Carla

Thursday, August 16th

If a guy and girl call off a wedding, who's the rightful owner of an engagement ring after a breakup? Listen to one woman's dilemma, plus everyone's phone calls from this morning!

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She should keep during because it is a family heirloom she's got to give the ring back full I will say that the way you filled. People are green with we have we pull up and ninety privileged on Twitter. 75% of people say that guy should get the ring back absolutely but I say no. The calls keep coming candidates it's not a dramatic three Lillian way beyond Obama wants to weigh in on this thank you bowling go ahead growing reprint. Does plan and let you guys smell that it is based condition all gangs the court we'll look at that as a conditional guest. And last you have to be married in order to actually go through and the receiver. Keep very. Date back to date there receiver can actually he's theory is why can't I. Aren't I. Let me clear up Santana yet really plays then that they stuck together. A promise ring she's got approved. It's inland and Mike thank you girl I love you yeah are allowed Emerson died at a repair day. Tim and texture and yeah. She she's got the alarm now Garland had to do the alarm golf club currently important I think the authorities what do you. That would get them legal order. It's like a contract. Since he's a contract. He brings it. Do you gotta get that green button and ordered the coat that what you get into that real bad thank you what it's doing work to contract like cheated and players yeah like I. Yeah give kids aren't getting married is ardently. Spirit beyond that a better chance G got a rain that and it don't matter if you're not out yet but I guess you look I guess did and it pretty thing. Need I go ahead yeah. It doesn't take grabbed his birthday and got a bunch stuff I want all my stuff back because I tell you are going to be my husband agreed about the duke it out there when you send it hasn't he fulfilled that responsibility she'd gotten all the enjoyment that she was seeking from that moment it's gone due to bring back. Mean that I can ground you know I unionized seaweed and how many gang up on me and at the gloves and chase all you can. 86 should go to UConn now. Things actually mean.