Part 3 - Kids Breaking Things - The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, June 19th

What is the most expensive thing you or your kid broke? Listen to everyone's phone calls from this morning!

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Take your calls this morning about the most expensive thing you are somebody you know. Broke. When your kid has got sort of can't tell you girl. And our younger music hasn't he says fox with each other and me because we're black beans and I broke her front. Peace. Dear Motorola might choose true. No I don't fully and I'm not sure. They would pick credit tripping explain it to be so quick to men and see as a mouse over it and I'm not ready for other it's covered her mouth imagine not blue Baylor as a pro fourteen and. And what Rondo. And I. Why she's older she's still have to Wear a white state team to this they're the front of her mouth. So it looks like we'll see if they don't follow our and they say why own easy. A permanent teeth and damn girl at U mass turn on. Teens. We're not sporadic at the as you know we've both had a but this sub ball the bloody throw anyone is on you you learn and you actually see you might lose of those two. That's a great story from. Our team doctor before. Now. Oh aren't just keep going he's a great stories you guys. We broken a lot of things right here in which dog and we ain't talking hard people can't eat hot. Now let's look at me it was my little brother to us. My mom's boyfriend it's a year scenario is working on our maverick. No lead designer vehicle yet so yeah. That's not how I got my dad also board members to. Yeah thankfully he was angered me but my aged brother within a card player around which you know like keep that drive and he didn't get dry pilot returning. I'm sure you know I didn't hear that diet old. The other half that you've accurately. And at times yeah yeah I consider letting her how does your brother probably works. Boom my maximum. Grant. Short one I have to learn. Well unfortunately. My mom had that at the bell at that they are slammed door. Sarah and her awhile but it Oxford union. Loans totally destroyed homes and apparently you know who you. I had it quite as any doubt in our family now says he never let me bring your car. Yeah nobody was hurt great all right well this is all but rather a lot of feel on fire but he is not pulling for you. And I think that throughout the home thank you maybe they when he did that he's. So yeah. These kids are natural born us. Yeah when he drove them became an adult still forty. He's been out of my eyes to how I got over exactly the kind of transfer complete followed you the clients I am I help when we were eleven at Arkansas I and importantly our our deal on top of the mountain. She's honest I erred and I'd probably burn about what he heard. Oh hey yeah good desktop clock and I think this is. You admitted to police and don't rule out. I guess I have to pay for anything to acquire partly covered it right you know. How you look down on now yeah. So families and that's I mean it was that it was really really die each one became clear it was horrible at the united. And that's crazy what do story thank you for calling them sharing network does this morning and crazy both you and your blood in his Cairo. Kyra siblings. Rivera allowed the boy did a lot of short. We're fans.