Part 3 - Loyal Sis-N-Law or Na? The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, April 3rd

A stressed out sister e-mailed for advice about ratting out her cheating brother. Listen to the dilemma and the phone calls from this morning! 

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You wouldn't want to know now I usually mind my business because a messenger usually gets in trouble too but in this scenario. This is like family. Stay out and clean hands and stay out of it for the lives people on the power lines and its its 1993 what are you doing your girl I think that she should tell our. Knew I really due to the wind. Okay well there aren't spam that's aren't. For us their money's an age he's the and I finally got its a waste of tying him time and money they still trying to do at least the truth will be out there yeah exactly and I'm that's it. It is criticism and it's their business and you need to stay back. Tellabs. I don't think so easy why why why is always busy bodies trying to get everybody else's business and create drama and uttered it might be. That they're not. A little bit when you don't know what you mean when you want someone to die in Athens. It's. Did not want it. Yeah I don't think you for colon who once I personalize your mind that things Brad. At a 3.5 what do you think you. You definitely minor league record your brother your brother's life isn't very good good spirit and block the big board lately you have the excelled in that position and then that no way. How do we know the white. Guys already know about. Broke why. Yeah I clean my you know whatever I'll only play nowadays and their place you don't know what they're they're prepared and there are very very busy man. Stay out of it a little on your brother. And go like at night here is it. Jail and she's and somebody should have a talking to nobody should and good solid. And if you really Britney her brother and that we are exactly. I mean because at the pinch hit home. Gold come out and the wives. And I did threat that little threatening at this there that you're providing quiet and why thank you might lose big without it right that's right he's sleeping with other things at the end of the night you don't know I think you act you're not. Exactly 80 I don't. Let us show he's really got into it shows a last time you've been active so like woo yeah. Narrative sense on so many Google how to deeply activates. A daily profile hey we've Clinton former Clinton can point. Yeah on the billboard you're. Don't you think Collins chief you have to all of our listeners they're just so real I love it.