Part 3 - Name Brand Clothes for Kids? The Hitman and Carla

Thursday, July 12th

With back-to-school shopping upon us, are name brand clothes necessary? Listen to this morning's dilemma and everyone's phone calls, including a 12 year girl who got a little too disrepectful with Hitman!

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If you didn't hear the kid earlier fit what he said hormone we should Montgomery missed a better. When I called her little girl at twelve years old this is what she sent. Little prayer and I spend in on the radio yeah. Yeah and. Sure this is why we create these monsters she. You know the kids eight years old because doesn't lead designer clothes and I want you for some kids this morning. How I wanted to put some young people took to validate my position here they do not need these designer clothes. We got a mom on the phone buoyant mom what we're very. I have to say I'm glad I'm Aaron Burr and you will do I have four kids and you know my kids my older your elementary school are not kidding all that element that they're covered under armour nineteenth at its current head. Hell benders are there under our. Homes hanging garment and articulate it. I think you might be more important for kids have named Brendan as adults is that we get older we don't give a crap that was good on his right shameful. Oh. I mean you are quite that I'm not what I got you name now. Stunning UC got to share. I'm Jamie and mom I thank you for calling. What she had just listened to a girl that was just don't worry you don't. Did you hear his attitude. Is just an attitude only go to the ball currently 3.5 a lot of the morning what do you think. Okay yeah yeah yeah you're absolutely right again and sorry Carla outlet outlet you when you're wrong about bringing up. And Iraq about the close after an eight year old amber for her but couldn't color matters. Is that you're here for a kid yeah okay hold on. Yeah. Oh yeah. You're right now eight year lie and matter he has mobile screen. And Bloomberg. You still sweet little girl I think you are Ben you can't argue with something that Angel yeah. I appreciate your call thank you tell your mom we should thanks for Colin and okay. Back by almighty thing is having kids is to restore order. After listening to battle of his twelve year old man and that means. Like she just did you got that she slowly year old girl for giving me hope again all right god. 86 yards to anybody drinks for easy hurts more empowered every 3.5.