Part 3 - Office Romance - The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, July 18th

More about office romances. Is dating a co-worker a bad idea? Listen to today's dilemma plus everyone's phone calls from this morning!

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Bad news bears that's what everybody is being here we got a guy on the phone and decades of time to manage three. At Allen added 3.5. I'll what do you think about office romances and thank you don't use our yeah. Receiver professional programmers are you know I'm Matt McGraw want to work it is. It was like well let's first start. Okay now don't tell me what you wore red tell me. Did you guys who lives in mergers to each other and what happened immediately immediately after that. You got there terrorists are showing a technical question that I get to overdrive my goodness. It link you know we started not a man started over how he's been over for a long rumored talk a little more room. So you're not going to do it. I shoot that shoulder she called Hewitt computer issues and you'll help Turk and download. A program. I'm Bernard Margaret clearly computer uses all his pushed us out so Australia we don't know what Barack. Yeah and you are. Learned I learned you know I just. External prior to lobby. They've learned I know it's. If you knew a lot of work can you still warm when it's grown used to the. We're still together we do not or dirty work towards anymore I still work there she found it very actually the easy. There's no man's. We know where I work do so you know kind of circle the world but we do agree with the inquiries that we would bring different area for parents. We can over the years he's had 20. Green and it's hard drive yeah I don't. That's its. Or. Yeah do you girls success stories people who are in office romances and it's warm there now. T summation of the basics aren't too many different column now one.