Part 3 - She Already Has My Picture Framed- The Hitman and Carla

Thursday, May 24th

How soon is too soon to put someone's picture in a frame? Listen to today's dilemma about an online dating issue that's gotten a little creepy.

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Power and every 3.5 how boring playing house a man and Carla. And if you just tournament this morning Carla you're wrong again. And and me as we head into a holiday weekend. I'm from love you feeling festive yes I'm an advocate for love a good image format my dad. So. Did his children again. This you have met this girl online its online data and try we don't know which one was OK cupid climate affairs should match that commie Dick when Karl Hussein. Pages loose. Join me it's just growth and they've been talking. And texting. For awhile now I was not likely just mad men look up look even talking and texting. They've been having telephone conversations Texan each other so finally last week and they got together for the first time. When they saw a different person. And now want to stop with regulators wrong. Will limit up back at her place she invited him over their their place for a nightcap. So. He comes over clearly want to English tour now live there in the living room a start making loud sucking face the next thing you know that earned the motor. Frey doing from the couch to the bedroom so they get to the bedroom. And they continue their. Ron Dayne doing thank you know. Two when he noticed is that she has. Punted eight picture of him and put it in a frame and center on our nightstand next to her bed and he was like his. Family. It's true. She's thinking I want to post AB CNN all of us. You're supposed to see the dollar in the closet either and that I have been. And I wasn't in the message you know what's inside the same thing my has only sold. Carla thinks the girl Psycho because his friends with some dude she's. He need to right now but he was somewhat flattered and I'm thinking you don't want. This is not a normal situation even continent Texan they need so they feel for the first time does not like we just met each. Carla and the rest of Wichita. Thinks she's Psycho. If you wanna comment on FaceBook but people still call it did 61993. You know and of course there are some dissent hey you know he shoots should women give us an imbalance. 8692 and I was very well one of our regulars on the phone this morning go ahead now what do you think. There are marble front there tomorrow would build on here. Apps easy as. And everything knows and I'm not what we want auditor Barbara good that's all I'd be would be an entire big bad news. I'll share this Mercedes do not end here. It is our. I don't think you can or calling. Oh you're good guys that the woman talked about any Hilo virtually headset to be an everyday I have talked to a six year. It apart and here's the most votes they get off. Cheer me my homeowners at least isn't coherent motorcycle I know he barely knows that a constant then went from first to fourth real fast here. After having. Drawn from real Beltran got the bill will laden and a dark brown jump right to life philosophy flyers then you're just did yeah. And yeah. And thank you so much and Humana day and I appreciate your honesty about his lifting equipment and I agree with me. Or refer you to babysit I met Michael OK are written lease he was honest says he's gone in there and he's given up this sort of like the military's missile. Hello how you got. It's an important topic. And it brought home. We here. There are clearly worried then read a poll out. I want it may hinder it when I eat eggs you know at that battle you're out eat away at once. How you doing what is it. Terry I can eat your rent. And idiot how. Hot and actor night what are Bryant. Well you know what happened there are girl let's not even pretend homeboy hinted middle after a moment she felt let. BM all of me I've never known love like this people or my or my. You guys out magnet that this home and it and a little anti India and now I know I've got my. At her effort yeah could be yet. Thank you well old. You're a little bit more pointed that priests who went over your blazer made made out it doesn't matter again and then something is wrong went old girl's given it up on the first time in arms and now you wanna talk about oh no I'm just sick and knows something wrong with the but it is very convenient dependent on who. Know your. Are meant to position you are so special maybe position wasn't the right. That's the situation I can.