Part 3 - Smelly Co-Workers - The Hitman and Carla

Monday, January 22nd

The last bit from the conversation this morning: What's the protocol to address a smelly co-worker? Listen to your calls now! 


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Howard I mean three point try to power more than 2000 hit man and Carl are you guys keep commenting on FaceBook and. Home. To handle. A smelly coworker what's the protocol. I. Little interest in comets and FaceBook this morning Carla. Dana shout out to air ruling coming like Rebecca Bolton she said it really just goes back to the question. What is it correct protocol when there is clearly a rule for hygiene. But no consequences listed and bring you don't follow. Hygiene rules that's catnip. What we're doing with his we're just wondering do you avoid a person or do you are you straight up with a person of co workers. If they're steam heat. Missouri consequence to age 561993. This morning at Howard averaged 3.5. We wanna know how to handle a smelly coworker at work go ahead girl. It isn't so I mean it doesn't matter says she is pat why OK there's barriers fairy. Figure out. Now Terry and it probably end everywhere where they are the opposite glass atrium. Kyra I don't I don't think she quiet you watch your bill if you I should graduate at. Itself because ultimately you want black. I don't have to read it here or. And that's what they're different things are not ever come back into the office early the next day they caught and they have a little fat for her. You know. Momentum into the plant the fat and it would open up close and and they don't care if he cleaned inch after first and maybe they. They have a lot of complaints from other co workers. And that's. No bad. At all on her okay cool like CE it was better that I kick you not. An about face a bit yup so I guess is some. Alan Hale scatter that you guys were telling them that she's dumb stakeholders and they they're out. Long. Known not. I'm I'm in no I was like I'm hall. Goes oh yeah yeah. I did. We literally on the phone loses now there's a better way of handling the stinky coworker. A leash sure what that's what's your from. Broach. Is that I have well would be nice way you do as an example of a nice way of telling somebody to debunk. At a co workers didn't let my do you have also guarded about their lot older get Barry why aren't hurting out what Florida on our you know it has picked are which are now. And the owner. You and I or hey you know what a cup Spain you know we. Can't back issue don't you. She was inner feelings. Then the real a setting and and then she was appreciative yeah. Sheila and I felt bad about really it won her first go. But if I hear you I'm sure his people did not rather tell if you fit everybody walked around here and talk about an edit and they're not mentioned are its way. Not like the old school approach now that she'd ever slip back. Until the storm could. Now that they did manage him very well. Okay. Yeah she overcame her funk did children. Did not yeah they're they're they're real people you know and there are that he'll wait till you hit yet but don't tell somebody you marry or face you know that art than a hundred smell and you. They are crazy all right I just I think might happen. That's right maybe in the and the handbook you can have the exact phrase you're allowed to use. The arc I can't clean it. That's awesome all kids we'll have worked out for you like the way you handling dog but do you like that with everybody about everything he moved. The top got to see there you go girl we love you next week and it's definitely. Nice to have man listens hardcore.