Part 3- Sneaking Into My House- The Hitman and Carla

Friday, January 12th

Part 3 about a listener who called in stressed about his girlfriend's dad. Listen to the dilemma plus this morning's phone calls! 


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Yeah. And every 3.5 dollar morbid way houses and met a ground. Who morning I'm still recovering from that slowly probably inherited my boys. It's a nasty strain of flu and include those of you that haven't life or have had it like me you're already know. I can tell you with the strain of flu in the body aches. Are. So I can tell. I was telling our listeners when you called me that first morning he's come he's like he got funny your like to. Are gonna make it just one and. Prado stay strong. But you know I've come on the man yeah I'm from I'm not a 100% but a move around I'm happy I'm blessed. We have a crystal Bertha coming up later on this hour to talk about the Martin Luther King weekend activities which began in earnest tomorrow. But if you just children in the last so we had a guy call into the shelf if we didn't get his name. But he's 18 girlfriend 18 Sunday morning dad walks into the bedrock. And there is this kid he doesn't know in his house. In the bed with his daughter exploding and yeah with their clothes on. No no matter if it's 7:30 AM Sunday morning assumes a Sloan as sponsors don't. And a lot of people called Diana's son when I have a brilliant and the best and we get it. But the calls keep coming candidates exciting dramatic real there also talk about it on FaceBook as well this. The other cool and crazy I you know and most of liquor issue to decide on this is unacceptable. Yup in my house my daddy issues we got trials and tribulations going on I'm more on the softer side of things I guess I just got a little has been waiting to comment go ahead girl what do you think. She did did did they bloody years and certainly overbearing and those people are gonna. Attitudes are gonna do especially when you're asking me. All we can't just. Really like straight. With me like I've got to earn his place me I can't play here. Am I cannot. But I'll tell about how OK I give that a guy is gonna turn it lives could be your parents let millions. They've done it much more to get over to your house and give them. Yeah let's get the attention it. Oh crap like there's a lot of potential to accomplish that relate to like comedy comes the relationship did it take and all that know a person's true calling it an. And I don't want to bring that around my parents attacks and then get it accident and then all of that drew but got out. Yeah but it's not gonna have remained how. How's your bedroom well eighteen we not been there lol Owens move there or they're eighteen they wanna see each other remember like when you're young you just were dying to see your boys and girls train you couldn't and you do whatever it. Just to have a moment with him OK it's one fan held a moment of miles from kicker where it needs before I introduce you to Bob all of my dad. Yeah. Well I had a bad habit for a yeah. I was hoping you called bag because we did your name or your phone number first and foremost you've heard the comments of some of my listeners so far what do you think. Got an every last Wednesday you know pedestrians there impressions of me and what they want to rip a throw it out get them neutral this and go but the other night and don't. Me. I've just got to close of business. You're glad people are they now that's a graphic. Yeah I don't think there's much yeah. What I want and in this scenario. It's a good at another field. I was.