Part 3 - Tattoo Permission - The HItman and Carla

Thursday, July 19th

Should you have a say-so in whether on not someone can get YOUR name tatted on THEIR body? Listen to everyone's phone calls from this morning! 

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Let's go to the power lines good morning parliamentary 3.5. Should they have permission what do you think. Access hands. Yet you wanna get tight and head. Adds Burnett and apps are. Have I changed my name's pat it's defamation but they are because they left feel. Well but that's different though that your brother and match your mom this is a person wind to get someone tattooed. On her name that's not even I mean it. I mean she's married into the family what they get a divorce or something Donald they don't know that that. You know I'm reading it every mayor yeah and that a lot of money that's how you speak speak what you reacting to thank you thank you. Man I caught its RI AX. Marathon. Thank piano guitar soon he seems all the does manage to colony still love you and me and only up to lynch told how about a 3.5. Should they did commissioner round. Yet and I have a story. The fifth. OK so my husband my current hasn't been right now yeah no last year and sleet snow and now goes no name here. Well his first baby moms from years ago. Did not ask his permission and went and got his last name tattooed on the back to protect almighty god knows she's just. And they've never even been married they were married. They have a child together. And to this day he's still walking around with Mario van. Her last name tattooed on the back over Mac OK and he's Cuban with another doomed for years OK I want you know. Is she using his last name as well. Now now she's never you have last name she is so that they would never married or anything like that about it all yet. Just wonder annoyed her current do that is play Q okay let's. Sure yet. You know permanent employment information wow engineered and well it's impressive quite frankly that term her husband couldn't maybe end the same last name is doomed. Move little girl to death do. Well photo that. 98. It would annoy me but at the same time tomorrow we. And it outweighed a foreign media you know it was way before me sure hey you know it bothers my hesitant because you know they were never married and see. Yeah yeah so why doesn't she covered up so this first name I don't know. You know I know I'm always for information and. See you gotta get the permission this is exactly the reason why did you know this woman walk around the world whose last name on her neck. But it's a long last name to our crowd drowned after her neck where have we beaten up and stuff if that is right. Well and I went too far in Nevada zoom out and thank you for calm and my. Carl's eight assists ninety and 93 car or if you are not thinking about those thank you think you're. Time here. It's it's.