Part 3 - Tyson Calls Back - The Hitman and Carla

Thursday, April 26th

Tyson called back to update us on his cheating dilemma. Listen now for the 4-1-1 and everyone's phone calls from this morning!


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We talked to one guy this morning's top model citizens and Glenn. I think that you could be on as. Add the relationship is probably over anyway yeah 100 cases never get a failure narrow and you know what I want to prepare for that. My opinion it was older when he brought. That's chicken head into his house and let her eat chicken feed off this floor and the house when Jimenez girl com home that is on. Yeah well. I mean he's who came out a lot of out of the pits in the beginning and you know is that I mean I don't see the point or was it earlier in the park planes out. Yeah and you support decision maker to stay I would think female coworker in the first place and then. Didn't have the restraint to not do anything in and you encouraged since I am so now I'm trying to be good. Given direction I can't help somebody who and we love and help themselves. Would you agree cart. I earlier Mary thank you thank you. You can there CC will soak it would when I don't endured personal loss to understand. Our legal point but what do you think. You know they've tried the burden of those moves. She vehicle clean is this actually could be working its buck right more because it's my new Portland go Bruins history you don't. He might have built up those. Boom so you're saying there's a probability. That there could be better options if Tyson. Comes clean. Yeah exactly their brain has already been quite vocal about it the only group. Looking liberal in my little girl for us people. You don't lose their for a. Thanks his skin he just kind of like him to yeah. Good out there right yeah. And Kansas lay all the cards on the table you know and just say this is the debt you wanna play early release this. You could pick or who we know he could blow people want to move well the only good. He did shrank convinced nationally to convince his girl that they should have a quote unquote. I'll runoff yes. How are we Carly I like the. Everybody is Carla and I went to a lot of the sudden this guy. Got a haircut or try to have the there's no denying it ain't no fun if the government owned plus yeah. A little group out there so I hope I'll. Karla did you win. The talk could call. I know Mark Austin and since god cinematic three.