Part 3 - Tyson Dilemma - The Hitman and Carla

Thursday, April 12th

Listen to everyone's phone calls this morning about Tyson- who called for advice about him, his girlfriend, and a female co-worker. 


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I had a good face for the pistons. Our drama bounds is Warren because again Carla is not running. And Tyson caught us up because I know you listen don't want you to know. I have your back and I just wanted to know that Tyson. As we move forward this morning empowered every 3.5 with the drama that unfolds. And now the man is being accused of being persecuted for having made something to do for his sure I. April 5 reverend William. Welcome those who don't. If you guys know I am right she didn't announce she's told him it kids gone well. It turned into a week put in the course of that week something else happened with Ashley. And Tyson and something that they both regretting you guys know what batters he got some buns. Tyson chicken got some buns I don't think of murders pickles and anyway the moon with chicken. Anyway. It was just the incident commander survive. Until he did what he needed to do with survive the instinct oh man to survive. I am eight. Yeah who are so. And Tyson whose so we've got one guy on the phone what is it meant well. I'm a level which you real quick on this situation can't wait I don't if today. That all men here are talk brother little brother don't say a word. Thank you man you will be questioned for the rest of this relationship for the rest of his rights. They've been there have been OK she during kick Jammal Brown over a little as name gonna drink Gillis. Brandon Knight and homes have been staying up and oh yeah and also the next stage is Ari suspicious so what is the truth comes out from Ashley later I don't know. There are harder to come you don't question me at all boom and you're lucky it's a lot. Let me see yes but your right duty cannot say anything because if he does he its title bout. It but it still like this month.