Part 3 - What Do You Take From Hotels? The Hitman and Carla

Monday, December 18th

The convo continues as we all confess this morning- what do you take from hotels? Listen your phone calls! 


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It is just truly man by the way we've been talking about the things that people steal from hotel rooms Carl and I both are guilty parties here. I jacked the pillow one time and a robe and we have the roadway you know see you know not you know and around drugs just crazy. Have just very nice monogram monitor. The road and didn't say I get a good good good good trip. So. I do not to take place I always says Bob very nice gear box but little tissue paper and a bad boy. How to bow on it. I don't remember it was a birthday or Christmas there was some occasion that I got to rove does it really matter if it's it's just. The principle that what's good about the letter that was on the road maps the first game of the person I guess the deter such. Would guess of where Californians. I'm sure they were good luck to focus about it a little fat. Yeah. Well you really then I'll know just a little work but made it worth Carlin has stolen but surely he said. Permanently borrowed complimentary cake caps. Can we please fix our birdies and I just stay here yeah I figured this. I just figure. That there there are free to consuming news did you figure that I. As I have and that's why your name came out that. As as the same as you I figured why waste Sharon and I'm gonna take these babies with me epitome instant difference between the view is that. You've used your kick up. I don't mind and somebody who understands her Mannesmann a grand world that they got for me the business and homeowners are smuggled. It should start a dramatic three or what have you stolen from a hold to know or even a motel room our. Philly cheese. Live with my mom actually there are several of her brain if you that would be the army you. I guess she got up. Apartment flag he would have taken out of Amsterdam and Altera. Foul. Normal for an insurance lays that the news still don't you tell me your mom credit card owner Roman have to pitch and at furniture. Didn't usually according to common their like you're. Yeah. Yeah. Everything Obama went out and you've got bad that. I think before the newborn unit and I wouldn't get me and I want our. Yeah. So why did you not have to pay for all that stuff. You have the right or they didn't call the police the police came you can call this and they got it yet and I've decorated team. Okay yeah. It. Can you imagine the cops show up so I don't let me what did you tell that she would be competitive. No big hit you that you. Don't round. Is it. Never hurts somebody steal it every day you know hotel room and while it didn't Beckett in the red green and how. Music is OK you met in the room. And so while decorations. Every and. See you try to help people laugh you know. I'm sure your mom the doctor her multi anymore not I don't Martin corporation were yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Only went to talk about it the week due for a little guidance. On how to store it. Good blend well.